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Pac_Eddy t1_j5fyyev wrote

Did he hide it or did it happen to not be shown because it was behind the paint palette?


PM_ME_FUNFAX t1_j5gc92s wrote

Just speculation but given the calming atmosphere he was trying to create on the show, he probably intentionally hid it as to not upset the viewers


fondledbydolphins t1_j5glhfg wrote

I guess it wasn't a happy little accident to him.


zomangel t1_j5isseu wrote

Nah that's when he started painting. "Now this happy little accident has given us some nice red ochre" he says, as he picks up his finger and starts brushing it on a canvas


danteheehaw t1_j5jfw5n wrote

A neighbor of mine lost his thumb saving a dude at work. Ended up being a very happy accident because he was the type to never visit a doctor. Turns out his thumb had a skin cancer, that he was just going to ignore. Problem solved and he got a free beer from the dude he saved.

Said neighbor had a great sense of humor though.


pitbulls-rule t1_j5juy95 wrote

Takes a special paramedic to see a thumb lying on the floor, say "hey, that looks like cancer on it," and drop it off at Dermatology on the way out.


danteheehaw t1_j5jxqin wrote

Or you know, it was brought in for re attachment, which spare body parts goto pathology. Where the doctors who actually look at the cancerous cells during a biopsy work.


Boogiemann53 t1_j5k5xei wrote

Maybe it forced him to double down on being a legendary artist? Could be seen as a "happy accident" in that sense.


ChainOut t1_j5k5mz1 wrote

He hid that gnarly cocaine shovel on his pinky too, at least on PBS. It's right there on the VHS instructionals.


whatproblems t1_j5jwuie wrote

i’m sure the internet can get us a count for how many times he showed us that missing finger


-Tesserex- t1_j5k1p3b wrote

It's definitely visible if you know to look for it. I don't think he consciously tried to obscure it.


ftwtidder t1_j5fyqw3 wrote

Bob Ross was career Air Force he retired as a Master Sergeant after 20 years.


PeeledCrepes t1_j5idqmc wrote

My grampa worked with him and my family has a bowl painted by him, it's pretty kewl


RLDSXD t1_j5goq2x wrote

Beloved ex-carpenter that spent his life dedicated to preaching a message of love and acceptance? Real original, Bob.


SonofBeckett t1_j5hv6mt wrote

Well, just like Jesus, it’s a good thing Bob had something to fall back on, because they were both terrible carpenters.


RLDSXD t1_j5i01rg wrote

I must say I’m terrified of the thoughts that must reside within the heads of the most successful carpenters, and pray their talent keeps them well-compensated and pacified.


enad58 t1_j5is0wx wrote

Jesus, if historically a singular real person, was probably a stone mason, as domiciles were not built out of wood, but stone at the time.


stumpdawg t1_j5fvw2z wrote

Bob the Builder was really Bob Ross!


asdf072 t1_j5fyu75 wrote

That guy was the best. I had no idea that my grandparents are buried about 100 yards from his grave. (TBF, they were there first.)


AnthillOmbudsman t1_j5gdwit wrote

Imagine Bob at the time of that accident: "FUCK! Fuck! Goddammit! Fucking piece of shit saw!" (kicks it across the job site)


babloochoudhury t1_j5fwmjj wrote

More respect to Bob Ross (RIP). I have all my digits and I still don't balance a paint palette very well.


ethylalcohoe t1_j5g0jem wrote

Another happy little accident


jasenzero1 t1_j5g2ul3 wrote

"Uh oh, looks like I cut one of my fingers off. Better go ahead and cut another one off. That way it can have a friend. Everyone deserves a friend."


Landlubber77 t1_j5fx4ld wrote

The carpentry accident was just a cover, he lost the finger to that squirrel he took in from the wild. Further proof that you can't ever trust a feral squirrel, no matter how long they've been domesticated.


Crockpot_of_beans t1_j5huhnj wrote

That sounds a lot like a Germany or Florida question


Landlubber77 t1_j5i3il8 wrote

🎶 Things are sick and twisted from too much sun and Nazis. Sex, meth, and death fetishes, both of them have got these. Guaranteed not to bore ya, it's Germany or Florida 🎶


brettyrocks t1_j5hdm2y wrote



drygnfyre t1_j5hmog5 wrote

It was originally done that way to keep production costs of the show down. Then it became part of his image and he kept it.


PyroDesu t1_j5hvzqy wrote

... How would having his hair like that keep production costs down, exactly?


evasote t1_j5hz6ud wrote

Perm is short for Permanent. They don’t have to use curling irons every day. Obv you’ve never gotten a perm, and may not know anyone who has, they aren’t very popular anymore. Despite the name, you still have to get a perm redone from time to time tho


drygnfyre t1_j5hz71q wrote

I don't know, you'd have to ask someone that was affiliated with the production. But that's the reason why, guess it was easier to just style that way.


haruame t1_j5j2al7 wrote

I saw some documentary about him on Netflix or something, he just liked styling his hair all kinds of different ways.


scolbath t1_j5hglvi wrote

Similar to how Gary Burghoff hid his arm behind Radar's clipboard


sousagirl t1_j5m520z wrote

OK I'll ask - What was wrong with his arm?


scolbath t1_j5m6acp wrote

My bad, hand not arm. From wiki: "He studied tap dance and became a drummer, despite being born with brachydactyly caused by Poland syndrome, which made three fingers on his left hand significantly smaller than those on his right hand."


JesseCuster40 t1_j5hlsyp wrote

Well, I just chopped off my finger. Just a happy little accident. I'll put it right here in this bag of carrots. It's a carrot now.


Meyou000 t1_j5i96wr wrote

I still love to watch Bob Ross, and when I need to calm down or take a nap I turn on The Joy of Painting and let his soothing voice lull me into cozy dreamland. I stream it on a free app called Xumo which has no loud, annoying commercials to interrupt the calming tone set by his voice and brush strokes.


Arisayne t1_j5ie8mq wrote

Ooooooo! The intro and credits music is what always wakes me up, does Xumo cut that out?


Meyou000 t1_j5ievc5 wrote

No, but I keep the volume turned down a little and it's not as bothersome. Still wakes me up sometimes but it's 100 times better than watching it on a streaming platform with commercials.


KindAwareness3073 t1_j5jd1r4 wrote

James Doohan, Star Trek's "Scotty" was also missing a finget that was shot off during the Normandy landings if WWII.


Minimum_Zucchini1572 t1_j5jgyjh wrote

James Doohan lost a finger during WW2. He managed to hide it for most of the three Seasons he played Scotty on Star Trek. Only in a handful of scenes could you tell if you were paying attention


xmellonxcolliex t1_j5i0b58 wrote

I'm sitting here watching Ross rn and saw this. Had NO clue.


Solidsnakeerection t1_j5jnrv4 wrote

Oh, he had a job to supoort himself. I assumed he had a job just for funsies


DrIvoPingasnik t1_j5k4yev wrote

All of the people calling his losing a finger a "happy little accident" and making fun of it are just plain cruel.

Bad taste.


RODAMI t1_j5k8gi2 wrote

The poor man’s Jerry Garcia. /s


chesucat t1_j5klpx0 wrote

Bob had anger management issues!