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Meyou000 t1_j5i96wr wrote

I still love to watch Bob Ross, and when I need to calm down or take a nap I turn on The Joy of Painting and let his soothing voice lull me into cozy dreamland. I stream it on a free app called Xumo which has no loud, annoying commercials to interrupt the calming tone set by his voice and brush strokes.


Arisayne t1_j5ie8mq wrote

Ooooooo! The intro and credits music is what always wakes me up, does Xumo cut that out?


Meyou000 t1_j5ievc5 wrote

No, but I keep the volume turned down a little and it's not as bothersome. Still wakes me up sometimes but it's 100 times better than watching it on a streaming platform with commercials.