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Kink4202 t1_j71tmea wrote

Unfortunately, a former president, has made name calling and the racist troping morning open.


friedmpa t1_j71voyh wrote

Wtf does north dakota have to do with vermont


Sparrows_Shadow t1_j72q98p wrote

While I agree that this is a whole-wide country problem in the past couples of years, I can state that as an educator Vermont has fallen prey to their own progressive ideals, mixed with the inability from the state to not be able to do anything when a parent goes "There is nothing wrong with my kid".

It's great to find if there are solutions to a problem when a kid is acting out and misbehaving, but people don't understand that sometimes a kid is just plain rotten (probably because of their parents) and that there needs to be consequences for that. If we don't teach consequences, we're only pushing kids through under the false ideal that something else is always to blame (the teacher, their emotions, another kid, the school, etc) instead of owning up to their faults and finding solutions within themselves to fix.

Case in point with the alteration at the basketball game. Instead of a parent simply going "it's okay, my kid just needs more practice/they're trying their best", they are blaming xyz reasoning on something/someone else. Combine that with the politics going on in our country right now, and you got the perfect storm.


Rogers_Ebert t1_j71al2d wrote

Someone was just killed at a basketball game and you're concerned about offensive words.


RamaSchneider OP t1_j71d0d4 wrote

No, somebody was most certainly NOT killed at a basketball game. Somebody MAY have died elsewhere as a result of the Alburgh basketball game riot, but we don't yet know if there was some cause and effect of those two events.

With that correction out of the way: Violence comes in many forms, and the easiest way to normalize the worst of the violence is to poo-poo the starter violence such as words.