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-_Stove_- t1_j9y7c9p wrote

It's like your post in your own Subreddit didn't get traction, so you came over here. Again.


meinblown t1_j9yg9ak wrote

They even copy pasted that horrendous attempt at a title. I have read the title like 5 times and I can't figure it out.


TheTowerBard t1_j9yfymm wrote

It’s like you’re complaining about someone on a platform that you can very easily block and never have to be bothered by again. Again.

Sarcasm aside, I genuinely don’t understand why you easily triggered folks don’t utilize the block feature more. It’s there for a reason. That, or just scroll on by if it’s a post you don’t care for. Instead, you choose to engage because this is obviously something that bothers you in some way. Maybe reflect on that.


utilitarian_wanderer t1_j9y1b1w wrote

I think Balint would have won without the barrage of commercials. Gray was not a very interesting candidate and seemed presumptuous that she could walk right into the job because she had connections. Oh and we were endlessly reminded that she grew up on a farm!


RamaSchneider OP t1_j9y2zto wrote

The above statement, IMO, is the single best description I've heard read of what happened in the 2022 VT Democratic Party primary.


sirDrunx t1_j9y3p3l wrote

I did not care for the commercials, but Bernie swayed my vote a bit.


birdable t1_j9zio3v wrote

Molly gray was a horrible candidate. Even an old white guy could have beat her


richstowe t1_ja2yuyf wrote

So Becca would have won anyway and therefore the media shouldn't talk about it ? And somehow this has something to do with her being out ? Wow .


RamaSchneider OP t1_ja32oco wrote

I didn't even imply what you seem to be claiming.

I did state that this story's line is about money corrupting our politics and not any specific elected official. I don't know the list of the political campaigns that have been caught up in this sordid affair, but according to any press reports I've read, that list is long and all across the political spectrums.

Should the Balint campaign finances be called to account? Absolutely, and as far as I know that is what is occurring - with the ready participation of Balint. I feel comfortable believing that if something untoward shows up, the Vermont press will be reporting on specifics.

But I think this story is more about the forest then the trees. We need to be aware of the influence that money has in our political system and how that system actively encourages corrupted/corruptable people to get in to elected office.


Odd-Philosopher5926 t1_ja8bo3z wrote

Glad to see another white person got elected/s. The party of diversity and inclusion


BillBikesInCleveland t1_j9ywakb wrote

However, had I known Balint got mega crypto bucks before the primary, it would have changed my vote.