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WetAndStickyBandits t1_j73hmyy wrote

Stove and flag works in Montpelier


Ill-Nerve-3154 t1_j73lukk wrote

Was going to say this. Also, what is the deal with stove and flag as a concept for a store? I believe there is a stove and flag place in Williston or Essex as well. Do the two things really go together that well?


Ok-Address-1768 t1_j73p7go wrote

best back story, the dude who owns the store was like a veteran of some war. if i'm remembering correctly he developed a thing for neat flags and realized it was hard to find alot of them so he started selling them from his wood stove store


but no they don't go together at all


Ok-Address-1768 t1_j73oyu4 wrote

I tried flag and stove works but was like low key pissed to see that they're made in china.

I have a VT state flag that was made in the USA. I just searched 'flags made in the USA' and got one. It was kinda expensive but the whole point of getting the flag was to be patriotic and I didn't feel right buying one from Xi.


Outrageous-Outside61 t1_j75ih00 wrote

Like others have said, nobody local sells US made flags. I’ve gotten flags through and been happy.


Melancton_Smith t1_j74frf3 wrote

I got my GMB flag from Gettysburg Flagworks over the internet. It’s made in the USA and held up pretty well so far.


MizLucinda t1_j73x565 wrote

Good tips. I have a VT state flag and have wanted a GMB flag. Now I know where to get one.