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zoomwojo t1_j74uli6 wrote

I have a Mitsubishi hyper heat. The way I understand it, under -13° it's basically just running the compressor constantly to produce enough heat to defrost the condenser. Not sure if this is accurate or if there's enough temperature difference between the refrigerant and the outside air to pull any heat. Basically, I know nothing.


Careful_Square1742 t1_j74vt46 wrote

you're close - it ramps the compressor in bursts to defrost the coil.

I have a Daikin system that doesn't have a hyper heat function. it's still able to pull heat from outside air at -15 pretty efficiently. below -20 it works hard but it's kept up as low as -26 before.


wrenchindaddy802 t1_j76cz1l wrote

This is where the geothermal setups really shine.

Fuck, I'd love me some heat pumps, let alone a geo setup.


Careful_Square1742 t1_j76eyxb wrote

geo's awesome, if you have the right conditions (and bank account).

-17 at my house this morning and the heat pump system is purring. it goes into defrost for 5 minutes every 45 minutes or so, but the temp inside is within a degree or two of set point.


zoomwojo t1_j74w0un wrote

As in, shakes the frost loose from the coil by abruptly starting?


Careful_Square1742 t1_j74xbf3 wrote

nah a buzzer goes off to tell me to go out there with a hairdryer

it defrosts by pulling heat from inside briefly. like cooling mode but it doesn't run the fans on the evaporator (inside unit)


abitdaft1776 t1_j76tmt9 wrote

I also have a Mitsubishi. The house was about 65 this morning. The pellet stove went out probably around 2am judging from the ash box. They are working okay. I think if we consistently had these temps I would get another stove but we are far from freezing