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friedmpa t1_j8zcyru wrote

i cant believe people have time to write this much


joeydokes OP t1_j8zfjna wrote

Sometimes tweets work fine. Other times, late at night, pondering how we got to this sorry reality, where the future is taking us, opens up the braingates for words to spill.

Also, FWIW, most people's loop is eat,commute,work,commute,eat, tv, sleep... repeat.

Being retired gives me too much idle time now that this boomer's made way for the next gen to take my place. :)


RoyalAntelope9948 t1_j91m4ja wrote

Apparently I'm going to be down voted too but I agree with everything in your post. It made me feel so powerless. I have watched what this country has become for probably as long as you have. I'm sorry for the generations that are watching our country burn under the non-humanity that seems to be prevalent now. I'm afraid for what we have become and where we seem to be going.


joeydokes OP t1_j91s1vc wrote

> I'm afraid for what we have become and where we seem to be going.

I hear ya! The sentiment behind my 'rants' hoping to add to the collective wake-up call. I'm going back to being comfortably numb now :)


RoyalAntelope9948 t1_j91mjgu wrote

Also, why do so many think this is a political post? It's current events! Politics has become intertwined with our lives now. And not in a good way.


Pristine_Tension8399 t1_j8zmnv7 wrote

Relax. It’ll be ok. You survived 4 years of Donald Trump. You’re going to get through this too!


joeydokes OP t1_j8zndht wrote

thanks for the kind reassurance :) Trump could prove to the camels' nose in an otherwise Koch brothers / America First / Freedumb Foundation world !

At that point I'll be jiggy with collapse and relaxed AF on hard cider and maple edibles :)


mountainwocky t1_j94i22g wrote

You aren't likely to achieve positive change by being satisfied with just surviving. Pushing for some of the goals the OP mentioned is a good thing. None of the goals are likely to happen on their own without someone fighting for them.