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Phantom_1792 t1_j7g6svh wrote

McGillicuddys 5 corners


Funnynmediocre t1_j7i84jw wrote

Ugh food there is so bad


Phantom_1792 t1_j7k6qec wrote

It’s not though, they have great burgers, wings, and an expansive draft list. Plus, they have plenty of space, each booth has a tv and there are tv’s surrounding the bar. It’s a good local spot to watch the Super Bowl.


Funnynmediocre t1_j7kaqo0 wrote

I don’t disagree that it’s a good sports bar like atmosphere wise but their food is truly terrible. I’ve been with groups of people where the wing is raw chicken, the burger was either burnt or it was raw too. Not a fan. But the draft list is good I agree