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Sea_Drama_5958 t1_jacuk19 wrote

Placing the safety of their female basketball team first seems like a reasonable decision by the school.


Traditional_Lab_5468 t1_jacxd0q wrote

This is a high school basketball game, not an MMA match.

If they want to talk about fairness, whatever. But "safety" has absolutely nothing to do with it, and I can 100% guarantee that coach would have no problem if their team wanted to scrim against the boys team once in awhile for practice.


friedmpa t1_jadidzf wrote

You’re a vermont high school basketball debate lord account lmao


sound_of_apocalypto t1_jadywo8 wrote

Have they (or any other girls team in VT) ever forfeited a game before because there were, say, some larger girls on the other team?