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Since I returned to VT I have not explored yet via car but there are a few concerts in Boston I'm planning to see next month. I don't want to spend a million dollars just to park in town. Is there a hack for this? Leave your car or stay somewhere out on the T line and travel in that way? Any favorite spots?



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Stinkynelson t1_j9jkjip wrote

Parking at Alewife is cheap and then you are right at the T and don't need to deal with the commuter rail. Obviously check about overnight parking though.


Optimized_Orangutan t1_j9jn981 wrote

This is what I do. Alewife for the Red line or Oak Grove for Orange. Alewife (like the rest of the red line) is a little higher end, garage instead of a lot etc.


Check_Affectionate OP t1_j9jvmdj wrote

Nice - these are the tips I was looking for. It does appear Alewife offers overnight parking. Thank you!


PuddleCrank t1_j9knlpz wrote

Yes, Alewife is 9 bucks for a weekday and 2 for a weekend. I live like 10 miles away and still park there all the time to get into Boston. You can even park multiple days if you need to.


BudsKind802 t1_j9k0wx1 wrote

The T is the way to go.

For Sox games I'll usually park overnight at Riverside on the Green D line.


1T-Nerd t1_j9lduve wrote

came here to say this exact thing. Many things I miss about Boston but the 45 minute commute to Alewife followed by the hour of subway is one thing I do not miss.


patsboston t1_j9jjqor wrote

If I am using the bus, I use Dartmouth Coach. It stops by exit 18 on 89 in NH and is about 30 bucks to get in.


smallsquid13 t1_j9l2r1h wrote

Love the Dartmouth Coach!!


durpdurpturd t1_j9ldpm1 wrote

Concord coach can do the same thing. Park in concord NH right off the highway and take a bus into the city. Free parking. Not sure how much the bus is. They drop off in the city somewhere and at the airport which is where I have taken it to in the past.


EmeraldMoose12 t1_j9jwhho wrote

Drive to the Dartmouth Coach bus station in Lebanon, NH. Take the bus to South Station. You’ll be right in the city and can take the T, Uber, or walk to wherever you need to go.


jsolt t1_j9jjh0l wrote

We're in Waterbury and prefer to drive to Montreal over Boston to see bands - easy drive and everything is Montreal is just all around great.


PolarBlueberry t1_j9jqw2g wrote

It depends on how long you’re staying in town for and when you are arriving. If you’re coming in after 5 and only for the evening, then Prudential Garage or 100 Clarendon are great, only $15-$10 for the night. There are lots of other garage options that also have evening rates, but I like those two for ease of getting to from the pike.

If you’re staying over night in the city, then park in your hotel, it will most likely have the best rate (expect $50-$75).


RZRPRINCESS t1_j9k2d89 wrote

We recently stayed at the Hyatt Regency on One avenue de Lafayette, and it was $41 for 24 hours of parking in the garage. The garage is not associated with the hotel. We then walked everywhere.


pixieanddixie t1_j9jmnt6 wrote

You can use apps like Spot hero to find parking spots in garages

Depending where the concerts are you can park at Wellington station and take the orange line in., then switch to green line at north station if you need to

Good luck and have fun


happidynosaur t1_j9k8q1e wrote

If you want to park in the city you can use spot hero ahead of time to find any deals


pm-me-egg-noods t1_j9ktg27 wrote

Cape Air and then public transit in the city is what we do.


maimonides t1_j9lzjzj wrote

Same, this is my favorite way. Saves me so much stress from driving in Boston.


Nanotude t1_j9knagj wrote

There's FREE parking at the Encore Casino. You can grab a bite to eat there, or just tour the River Walk and then catch a water shuttle downtown. My favorite way to get into town when the weather is nice. Or catch an Uber downtown from there. It's guaranteed to be cheaper than parking downtown. Check to see if there are any hotel specials there too. I'm not a Casino person, but a friend of mine stayed there once and the room was very nice.


FunkyOldMayo t1_j9kvzvq wrote

I like to fly from the Rutland airport direct to Logan, cheap and takes about an hour.


Admirable-Reveal-412 t1_j9mx2q0 wrote

We often stay at the La Quinta in Sommerville and you can walk to the Assembly Row stop on the Orange line in under 10 minutes. It is a bit worn but usually the rate is fare compared to places actually in Boston. It’s convenient to 93, has free parking and we enjoy window shopping/eating at Assembly Row. It’s only 4 stops to North Station from there.


SnooDingos4653 t1_j9nubj6 wrote

Somerville is a easy drive in. Assembly feels safe even late at night. We’ve done this 4 times . Three pre pandemic then this last year to see Sir Paul @ Fenway.


Enough_Camel2650 t1_j9ji6zd wrote

Leave your car in Franklin & ride the train in for $10-$15 I can’t remember how much it was, I believe $10 one way

Edit: OR just take concord coach into the city & walk around/Uber


implante t1_j9k066j wrote

There's a megabus that goes Burlington --> Montpelier --> Boston, but it only runs on Fri and Sun currently:

There's also Greyhound, though it's a bit more expensive:

There's also the Dartmouth Coach from Lebanon, NH to S Station in Boston. Reasonable price, lots of trips per day to Boston. You still have to drive to get to NH, pay $5/d to park your car, and pay for the bus itself, but it avoids the driving and parking headaches in Boston:

An alternative to the Dartmouth Coach is Concord Coach lines, but you have to drive the longer route to Concord, NH:


implante t1_j9k0e6k wrote

If you want to actually drive to Mass and take public transit into Boston, you could park at a public parking garage on the commuter line in. Eg, park at the Lowell station and take the Lowell line into North station. I have no idea what the "real" availability of parking is at these places though.


3vknight4 t1_j9onk65 wrote

I would not recommend the Greyhound route- last time I took it it was over 2 hours late and the driver proceeded to get very lost in Boston because they had not trained her on the city beforehand.


sad0panda t1_j9kasxg wrote

You can park at Wachusett and catch the Fitchburg line. It's not the fastest way but I find it pretty convenient. $4/night parking and free on the weekends. No day limit as far as I've ever encountered, just prepay how long you think you'll be. I fly out of Logan using this parking lot.


TheMobyDicks t1_j9l8kto wrote

Pro Tip: $2.00 overnight parking in Haverhill, MA. Take the Downeaster to Boston Garden/North Station. Easy Peasy. Hampton Inn is a quick uber to the train station.


GrilledSpamSteaks t1_j9jikui wrote

Park outside of Boston and take the train or bus.


jkjeeper06 t1_j9jjfc3 wrote

Most commuter lots do not allow overnight parking so confirm this beforehand if OP needs to leave the car overnight


bljmsk t1_j9lf3os wrote

Will ditto Dartmouth coach (bus leaves every 1-2 hours and is a little slow) but for more flexibility and same parking price, I also go to Woburn Logan Express stop (bus leaves every 30 min). These options work great for getting to the airport.


spacecadetjo t1_j9lhehd wrote

Park at Wellington Garage on the orange line. It is like $5 for the day if you park at the top. Then take the Orange Line to downtown


SuddenSheepherder711 t1_j9m0a01 wrote

The lot that dartmouth coach uses in lebanon nh is pretty cheap and the bus goes in to south station


theburg2 t1_j9n13k9 wrote

If your concerts are at the TD Garden, you can park on any street in Charlestown for free after 6pm on Fri and all weekend, it’s a 10 min walk across the bridge to the Garden. Same hack works for Fenway, but you’d have to take the green line from North Station. Depends how much $$ you’re trying to save vs. time!


Decweb t1_j9jlf71 wrote

Alewife, or some outlying town on the green line would be my suggestion. However overnight parking could be a problem, particularly in the Winter where many towns have overnight parking restrictions to keep roads clear for plows.


Twombls t1_j9kfjnz wrote

I always park at riverside and take the green line in


AnyRound5042 t1_j9kvfqr wrote

Park at any t station and take that into the city just make sure to double check the schedule because I've been stuck waiting long hours in the cold because I misread the day/direction of the commuter rail


Abelthiar t1_j9kw648 wrote

I asked the flatlander I married and she says it depends on the venue and that some places let your pay a flat rate to park all day


Choice_Match6161 t1_j9qie2x wrote

All meters are free in Boston From Saturday night through Monday at 7am. Also free on Holidays. You can probably park in Permit parking for free too but I would stick with the meters.


deadowl t1_j9qk4af wrote

You could even park somewhere with bus service to a T line--but yea, if you don't want to have your wallet simultaneously experiencing projectile diarrhea and projectile vomiting when it comes to parking, that's what you've gotta do. If you've got handicap tags meanwhile, you don't need to worry about parking nearly as much.


alfonseski t1_j9jloz0 wrote

Park on the side of the road on my sisters street in Arlington heights


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