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Pristine_Tension8399 t1_j7w0hyg wrote

You have to save money somewhere. The library and sports programs seem like two good places to do so. Everything is online anyway.


prettypeepers OP t1_j7w139r wrote

I'm not knowledgeable on the sports side of things, but on the library side of things, you will find that this decision is way more costly than keeping things as they are. An institution that values learning in any capacity should understand that not everybody wants to stare at a screen all day.


Meep_Librarian t1_j82kt25 wrote

Everything is not online and even if it was there is a huge problem called the digital divide. Not everyone has the same access to the internet. Libraries help close that divide in more than one way. A bigger issue is digital literacy, we may be in the most technological era so far but that does not mean people know how to work within it.


TheFoodProphet t1_j7xke5l wrote

With all due respect, NO, not everything is online. Only a small chunk of the world's print collections have been digitized. Also, not everything online is free, or available at all to most of us due to a messy web of copyright restrictions around the world. Yes, much of what is newly published today comes in digital format as well, but what about the thousands of years of printed records we have behind us? If you think "just digitize them" is a solution, I can tell you that librarians and archivists like me have been doing just that very thing for decades now and have only made a tiny dent in the world's knowledge supply. Digitization is a slow, costly process that has a myriad of legal pitfalls in your way due to copyright. And even if we wanted to only buy digital copies of new publications from here on out, don't think that the price you pay Amazon for a kindle book is what libraries pay for our digital books. OH, NO, we pay a complex and exorbitant pile of money for licensing fees to the publishers (10x your price or more) EVERY YEAR, who often then limit how many people we can check it out to, for how long, and then sometimes if you buy access to a big book collection they will randomly remove a bunch of books from it with no warning. This idea is ludicrious.