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I'm a high school student who'll be moving to Vermont from Australia soon (exact location currently undecided) and schools that I'm interested in in the general area we're looking at are Burlington high, South Burlington, Essex, Champlain Valley and Mount Mansfield. I'm wondering what the general reputation/stereotypes of these schools are or how they're perceived by the students and community. Are they all pretty similar? Do any of them stand out for any reason? Mainly just interested on hearing some thoughts of people who live in the area.



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grnmtgrl t1_j86pqej wrote

Academically strongest are South Burlington and Essex. Best for athletics (in my opinion) is CVU. Burlington HS is currently operating in a former mall in downtown and seems to be a very unique experience (not sure if I’d recommend it).


Unique-Public-8594 t1_j86nujp wrote

People here are going to crush on your accent.

Best? Mount Mansfield, is my guess.


protein_factory t1_j86o2vm wrote

You do athletics or speaking solely on academic quality?


yell0wmaple09 OP t1_j86ouuf wrote

athletics is probably a bigger factor


protein_factory t1_j86q8vn wrote

Well, ultimately the school you attend will be decided on where you live. CVU or Essex will probably have the best chance to provide a successful team, but any school could be good at a random sport any year. is where Varsity teams report their scores and track their record, so you can check out each school there if you're looking for a specific sport.

As for reputation, BHS is probably the lowest regarded of the group. They'll each have their good and bad aspects, but purely from reputation I would say BHS gets the short stick.


Dadfart802 t1_j8amour wrote

If you are moving to Vermont for athletics and you do anything but ski you will be profoundly disappointed unless you’re bad at sports because sports here are small time.


Randomvermonter1012 t1_j87573w wrote

Burlington high school is in an old macys building right now. So don’t pick that one.


jamesgerardharvey t1_j8a5kxd wrote

South Burlington is very good- probably best 0on academics. My stepson went there and thrived. Burlington is a mess for various reasons. That's all I have personal knowledge of.


RamaSchneider t1_j88jduo wrote

Vermont has a system that allows for state-wide school choice for high school grades, so your place of living may not have to be determined by where you want to go to school. I'm not an expert so ... call the Vermont Department of Education and ask them about high school choice. You will also want to check local school district policies of the place you live if it is separate from where you want to attend HS.

So short answer: call VT Dept of ED and ask about public high school choice.


Historical-Run-1511 t1_j8atxms wrote

So my kids love Burlington HS, macys and all. It's got more diversity than you'll find in other schools, the academics are good (plenty of AP classes etc) and they still use the fields at the old school for athletics so it's not like you're running around the mall for practice. My daughter runs cross country and it's gorgeous having practice on the lake. Their friends go from immigrants to children of UVM profs it's really cool. I means yes, Macy's. I'd still give it a chance if it's up to you because living in Burlington has so much to offer in terms of walkable teen stuff (music, coffee shops, thrift stores etc). The others are sort of more of a suburban experience which is lovely, but not as interesting to me.


friedmpa t1_j89i57w wrote

They are all great other than burlington, would visit beforehand


Syncope7 t1_j89zbhb wrote

r/NewtoVermont for the millionth time.


Smeedge_Kilgannon t1_j86x3wc wrote

BFA St Albans


bigtimesauce t1_j88xyun wrote



Smeedge_Kilgannon t1_j8qu0vs wrote

Do elaborate if you, please. I know your acronym is more than eloquent enough for reddit, but call me old fashioned for asking for you to substantiate your argument if you must.