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GrilledSpamSteaks t1_j8ackj9 wrote

There are only two record lows in January in the last 10 years, 20F set on 08Jan15 and -15F on 31Jan21.

There is only are four record highs in the last 10 years, 46F on 10Jan16 and. 60F on 11Jan20, 53F on 12Jan17, 49F on 30Jan13.

Remember, Ground Hog day. Tradition would indicate a false spring just because a rodent didn’t see its shadow on a given day. This should be an indication that false spring isn’t uncommon.

Edit: High and low source.


friedmpa t1_j8ado8d wrote

it's a rat not a scientist


GrilledSpamSteaks t1_j8ae6ra wrote

The Pennsylvania Dutch got up to some freaky stuff. Hiding a pickle in the tree during Christmas…