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Playingwithmyrod t1_j8ew4wj wrote

Bottom line no ice is safe until you check it. Ice is variable, there is no "it's safe" or "it's not". It could carry a semi truck and be completely unsafe 100 feet way. Someone falling through isn't indicative of some blanket "the ice isn't safe anyone that's out there is an idiot". Now could they have been idiots fishing on 2 inches of ice? Sure. But we don't know that. When people make assumptions about ice conditions is when people die is my point.


Divio42 t1_j8fexpa wrote

That all sounds like it adds up to "Not worth the risk."


Playingwithmyrod t1_j8ffqht wrote

It's about being careful. Life is full of risks. It doesn't mean we can't enjoy the things we love to do.


Fromage_Damage t1_j8fyft0 wrote

One year, a few years back, we had some guys on December 24th ice fishing on 2 inches of ice. But the water was only 4 feet deep. Even if I know the ice is thick , I bring spikes around my neck, to pull myself out with. I've fallen through over a spring when the ice was thick enough, luckily it was shallow water.


Playingwithmyrod t1_j8fymwq wrote

2 inches is sketch but if it's solid black ice it will still hold you. 3 is my number to feel safe but like you said, I wear spikes always and spud my way around until I'm comfortable with an area.