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Maleficent_Rope_7844 t1_jao1g6h wrote

>you’re gonna see a lot of this kind of thing.

What, people not passing when road conditions don't permit it? That's literally the opposite of bad driving.

The passing lane shown in OP's photo looks dangerous to drive in at the 50+mph traffic is likely moving at.


bigtimesauce t1_jaooagx wrote

Everybody in this pic is in the passing lane


Maleficent_Rope_7844 t1_jaorfa3 wrote

My mistake.

My point remains. Driving in that lane at 50+mph would be dangerous whether you're passing or being passed. Driving a safe speed in that lane (30-40?) would be dangerous if the passing lane was doing 50+.


deadliftothersup t1_japtfmc wrote

Yep, however that passing lane was carved, in real bad conditions you're almost certainly safe rolling in the groove rather than forging your own path. 18 wheelers are great for this because they can make new tracks easier than most cars and smaller trucks. Always enjoyed seeing one pass me and allowing me to follow the tracks in my beater car.