Submitted by Aidy9n t3_11jxgk0 in vermont

Has anyone gone to either St Michaels or UVM, and do you know how they are with lgbt people? I think both mention accepting them or having housing specifically for lgbt on their websites but does anyone have experience with either school? I'm leaning towards St Mike's just because of how much more financial aid I'd get.

Thank you



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TechnicalShirt t1_jb5auct wrote

I went to St Mike's and graduated a few years ago. As a trans person, I was given freedom to choose which gender dorm I felt most comfortable living in. They've since added an option for LGBTQ+ housing which I've heard good things about but can't speak to personally. When I went there, the administration wasn't very vocal about their support for the lgbt community which was frustrating at times but there were so many faculty and staff who were openly queer and very supportive of students. I transitioned as a sophomore and never had any issues with the school or other students, always felt very safe there.


TechnicalShirt t1_jb5cqsl wrote

And about the Catholic thing, I'm not religious and most of the time I honestly forgot it was a Catholic school, I ended up there because of the financial aid. Even the priests (the few that I ever interacted with) were openly accepting of lgbt students.


Aidy9n OP t1_jb5sfa4 wrote

Thank you so much. This is extremely helpful. You're a life saver


ShitPostGalore101 t1_jbn0ey9 wrote

thank you for your comment, i was thinking abt committing to st. mikes but wasn't sure about their policy on gendered housing. i think colleges in general could use more transparency with stuff like this.


tossawayintheend t1_jb52xn0 wrote

I went to St Mike's in the '90s and found the faculty and student body generally supportive of LGBTQ people. It's a much smaller community than UVM and everyone lives on campus so there's a lot less anonymity for people to hide behind and be dicks.

That said, I'm straight so I don't have any real first hand experience, but I wouldn't let the Catholic thing bother you.

Have you looked into Champlain College also?


Aidy9n OP t1_jb53vbx wrote

Okay, thank you alot for the perspective :]

I looked a little into Champlain College and didn't end up applying, I think it'd be too late for me to apply now.


Gileslibrarian t1_jb4rsqq wrote

I work at St. Mikes part time and can say the community is supportive. I know we got faculty shirts for LGBT pride last year. There’s a GSA called Common Ground.


Aidy9n OP t1_jb50jls wrote

Thank you :] Are the students generally supportive?


FormerRunnerAgain t1_jb4xqt5 wrote

St Mike's is a CATHOLIC school. Catholics discriminate against LGBT and Women. So, despite the T-shirts, the Catholic Church considers homosexual tendencies as "objectively disordered". Why would you want to give them any money or support?


Aidy9n OP t1_jb50gcc wrote

I'm aware of the fact it's a catholic school, but it's also in Vermont and catholic colleges vary from openly preaching catholic doctrine to just giving alot of financial aid to poorer students. It's obviously not ideal but it would be 4 times as expensive to go to uvm, so I'm really looking for people with personal experience with the school as opposed to general statements about the catholic church as a whole.


General_Skin_2125 t1_jb510f0 wrote

Have you ever been to St. Michael's pal?


Aidy9n OP t1_jb51wdn wrote

No, that's why I am asking. There isn't a whole lot about the schools culture online.


Gileslibrarian t1_jb63rh1 wrote

I can only speak for my experience at St Mikes but it is a progressive and welcoming Vermont Catholic school. Please don’t make assumptions based solely on religious affiliation. I went to a traditional Catholic elementary school that was quite the opposite of St. Mikes.


General_Skin_2125 t1_jb9esa0 wrote

Responding to the idiot who doesn't know what they're talking about.

St. Mike's is a very welcoming school for the LGBTQ. If you are on instagram, I would advise that you follow the @ knightlife account.


Unique-Public-8594 t1_jb575rt wrote

I find Catholics pretend to be tolerant while UVM is accepting.


CorrectFall6257 t1_jb9c4vh wrote

I went to St. Mike's. Graduated a long time ago. Went back and coached there. I found it very accepting and LBGT+ friendly. I'm a non-practicing catholic. It was my truly some of the best years of my life and made life-long friendships even with the faculty and staff. Good luck to you.


bigtimesauce t1_jbaoqx8 wrote

I went to st mikes, I can’t recommend against going there enough. Nothing to do with your concerns, just a terrible, expensive school.


Aidy9n OP t1_jbauk7m wrote

What was terrible about it? It is all in all the least expensive school after their financial aid offer, but I'd be interested to hear what was bad about it.


bigtimesauce t1_jbb1axe wrote

It’s a very small bubble and I think I would have gotten a better education elsewhere. It was about equal to my high school, quality/challenge-wise, until my last 3 semesters. It’s also an awful lot of very privileged kids “from just outside Boston” that make for an annoying crowd. Do whatever you’re gonna do but for $65k+ a year you can do better.


iredditwasntgoodforU t1_jb5h36y wrote

Catholic Schools are the most tolerant schools in the US. Hands down. The problem people have with Catholic schools that are more “faithful than others” is that they disagree with certain popular opinions. Which is fine because not every religion is the same. Not everyone (religious or not) has the same opinion! Also ok. I went to two Catholic schools (high school and college) loads of non Catholics and gays. No one was insulted except when it became fashionable. As a Catholic I love everyone. Just stop being gay is all. It’s destroying the country and society’s morals!!! Also it VT so you’ll get away with pretty much murder (abortion).