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bigtimesauce t1_jbky3e7 wrote

Parkway got bought and they tout a “scratch kitchen” now, which is great for them but like… their old bread was way better, they never fucked up my eggs, but with the new owners I’ve had my order comped 2/3 times because of how poorly it came out.

JCAT i don’t go to anymore because the last time I went I watched 5 servers standing around a more or less empty dining room for 15 minutes without taking my order, so I left.

Honestly one of my favorite breakfast spots is Quality Bake Shop. It’s nothing fancy and it’s all served on paper plates/plastic utensils, but it’s about as close to a real diner experience as you can get up here. Cheap as shit too, two eggs, hashbrowns, toast, coffee, and a dozen donuts to go was under $20 last I knew.