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22F TL;DR where are some nice semi rural areas that are somewhat close to a gayborhood. I’m thinking about moving to Vermont namely because it has protections against discrimination of LGBT, but also because it’s a beautiful place abundant in resources from what I’ve heard. I’d like to live in an area that’s close to LGBT happenings, but not directly in the gayborhood, as I’m thinking I’d like a house with a bit of land to grow some crops, maybe it’s close to the woods. I’m kind of a wannabe prepper/survivalist, but new to most of it. One of my biggest concerns regarding this are gun laws. I haven’t researched them yet, but I am person that would like to be well armed not only for protection, but I want to learn how to hunt. I want to learn a whole lot of things. Besides hunting and gun safety, like self defense, gardening, sewing, cooking. Still looking for my found family.



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BudsKind802 t1_jderxep wrote

From experience, there isn't a real LGTBQ community besides the small pockets in Burlington and Montpelier, and there's only 1 or two "unofficial" gay bars in the state. There are no " rural gayborhoods" here, and the closest you'll find in the cities won't line up with your desire to be a gun-friendly prepper.

If you're looking to find a partner, know that the people you see on whatever app you use will be the same people you see in every app in perpetuity without much variety.


cpujockey t1_jdhj7aj wrote

> From experience, there isn't a real LGTBQ community

I'd like to think that we're so inclusive that having separate communities doesn't matter.


Kvltadelic t1_jdf28f4 wrote

There are no gayborhoods, there are barely neighborhoods.


Porcupineblizzard t1_jdely4r wrote

Not LGBT, but Vermont has pretty relaxed gun laws by and large. Also, if you’re looking for a gayborhood you may not necessarily find one in Vermont (minute overall population). However, if you’re content with semi-rural with a nearby wonderful LGBT space maybe check out East Montpelier. Close to the capitol, but definitely on the more rural end of the spectrum. Also Fox Market is close (one of Vermont’s few actively LGBT spaces). They host queer speed dating, dance parties, have a wine bar, do coffee and breakfast, and sell local produce and more.

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TheTowerBard t1_jdesg84 wrote

I can’t believe some fragile fellow downvoted this solid response.

I’d also add looking in the areas south of Burlington. Middlebury is a friendly and welcoming place. Keep in mind, you can feel very very rural in VT literally just 5 minutes from most town centers. So I’d say find a town with a vibe you like and look at places on the outskirts. If you go too rural you risk isolation and it doesn’t sound like you are looking for that.

There’s really no such thing as a gay neighborhood here that I know of, unfortunately, we are all just sort of scattered around. But in all honesty, I feel like proximity to Burlington sounds like it might be something you need. Especially at 22.

Good luck OP!


zombienutz1 t1_jdem7hm wrote

Well if you're looking for a beautiful gun friendly state, you've found it. Good luck affording a house though. There's not a lot of inventory and the houses that are available are still outrageously overpriced.


ScrunchyButts t1_jdifdg7 wrote

You’ll be judged more on your choice of snow tire than your sexual orientation.


Corey307 t1_jdfsnyu wrote

This is long but I’m pretty deep into collecting and shooting firearms.

Assuming you are not a privileged person buying a gun in Vermont is as simple as going to the gun store, telling them what you want and filling out paperwork. The background check process is usually quite quick, mine go through in about 10 minutes. Parro’s is the best gun store in the state, they have a really nice 25 yard indoor range and all the handguns, shotguns and rifles are out on display so you can handle them without having to ask. Obviously do not point them at anyone because they may respond badly to that.

The most popular option for home defense these days is an AR15 chambered in 5.56. It’s much easier to shoot a rifle with proficiency that handgun, you’ll be surprised how difficult it is to hit a target at 7-10 yards with a handgun when you’re new by hitting targets at 100 yards with a rifle is something I can teach someone in a half hour. 5.56 is extremely effective at stopping human threats and the ammo isn’t that expensive. Get a S&W M&P Sport II or Ruger AR556, they are both trustworthy budget options. Aero, Windham and Del-Ton are also trustworthy budget options.

If you want to hunt deer something like a savage axis I.O.I or Ruger American would be a good budget option. .308 Winchester Is the ideal cartridge because it is the least expensive full power cartridge that will take anything from small deer to big moose pending on bullet construction.

If you want to hunt turkeys 12 gauge pump with a 28” barrel will do the trick. Türkiye loads cost more than what you use for dove or squirrels but they are worth it. I recommend a Mossberg 500, if you can get one that comes with both of 18.5” and 28” barrel it’s even better because you can switch between two in seconds. Longer barrel is for hunting birds, the shorter barrel is effective for self defense with buckshot or hunting out to about 75 yards with rifled slugs. A full power rifled slug throws 1 oz of lead at 1,600 fps, that will take any game animal in North America especially if you purchase loads meant for large and dangerous game. Please never use birdshot for self defense or hunting anything bigger than burdens, it will not get the job done.

If you plan on carrying you have tons of options these days. I tend to carry full size pistols, namely Berettas and CZ’s. That said they’re big and heavy, pretty much the best subcompact carry option these days is a G43x or Smith and Wesson Shield Plus. I’m old fashioned and prefer a safety on my carry pistol because I’m going to carry it for decades and probably never have to draw so I like the peace of mind but if you have a good retention holster you really don’t need a safety. Don’t buy a crappy generic holster, avoid leather go with Kydex.

If you plan on shooting please always wear hearing protection, for some reason a lot of people seem to think they don’t need to when they’re shooting outside and they do permanent catastrophic damage to their hearing. It’s best to use both properly inserted ear plugs and earmuffs at the same time, from an old man with tinnitus I can promise you you do not want tinnitus.


Necessary_Cat_4801 t1_jdhznjh wrote

We don't really have gayborhoods here, no town or city is big enough for that.

TL;DR: there is literally no available housing here unless you have a shit ton of cash and even then it's iffy. Renting... Forget it.


DaddyBobMN t1_jdfs1lc wrote

I moved to Southern Vermont in 2019. Here's my take as a queer but not 'traditionally gay' man while here the last four years:

If there are such things as gayborhoods, they are older gay and lesbian couples that came out or settled here two or three decades ago. The younger, more varied queer folk are spread more thin and those native to Vermont seem to want to leave as quickly as they can for places with larger and more.doverse queer communities.

Personally the communities I connect with now are located in Albany, NY and Springfield and Boston, Mass. So it's not really local at all. Living in Burlington would be different but even then the community there is smaller than the three I listed in larger cities further south.

On the other topic, I come from a family of outdoors people from the Midwest, so I too am a gun owner. Vermont is fairly straight forward, what you have to watch out for is the neighboring states, some are VERY strict. Without knowing any better I stopped in a Cabela's in Mass on my way home from Boston thinking I'd pick up some rimfire rounds and when I tried to check out without a Mass license or whatever you'd have thought by their reaction that I was a terrorist trying to buy bombmaking materials.


eddie_smokestacks t1_jdf1rzc wrote

I got a drivers license in 15 min at the dmv, drove to a gun store and told them which gun I wanted. I did the background check and by the time I walked to the other side of the store to get two ammo boxes I had passed. whole thing took about hour and a half and most of that was driving and choosing which I want.


patonbike t1_jdmq6m5 wrote

Vermont where gays and guns go together 💪 you’re all good 😊


somedudevt t1_jdheq7h wrote

Normally I downvote anyone coming here, normally people are wanting to change things, but if you want to come and are not trying to take our guns, then come on in. Help displace some other out of stater who hates guns. Maybe move to Burlington get a place next to Phil Baruth and open a small backyard firing range up. Fuck the gun grabbers!


thirstygreek t1_jdh9r3e wrote

Montana or Idaho sound like a better fit.


21stCenturyJanes t1_jdi8zd9 wrote

Hard disagree. She's gay and likes guns and rural life. Vermont is perfect.


Necessary_Cat_4801 t1_jdivxqu wrote

Vermont is theoretically perfect. A Vermont with a healthy housing market would be perfect. Current VT is not a good place to move to, financially, for most people.


Milkfordays OP t1_jdk0jyo wrote

I feel like a lot of people are more okay with lesbians than gay men or trans people and god forbid you bring up non-binary people and all Hell breaks loose. I want to adopt kids because an overwhelming majority of homeless kids are lgbt and I almost ended up on the streets as a kid myself because of sexuality.


Detritus_AMCW t1_jdk2i26 wrote

That sucks that you had to go through that as a kid, any age would be rough, but as a child, I hope you can heal.


Necessary_Cat_4801 t1_jdhzv61 wrote

Being gay in most of Idaho and Montana would be less than ideal and being gay in parts of Idaho especially would be a real bad idea.


Detritus_AMCW t1_jdk28iv wrote

True, New Hampshire may be the way to go, similar gun laws (though you may have to deal with FSP folks occasionally) but there are larger population centers and can get within easy striking distance of Boston while still being somewhat rural.