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PromiseNorth t1_jefg9c0 wrote

Fed cannabis policy is shit. But what kind of clown 🤡 protests? With a sign that says “shit” at a place kids visit?

Same sort of clown that posts “I've been told on multiple occasions that threatening words and behavior are not themselves illegal: but I don't care” then expects support when he gets out trolled by a fellow troll 🧌 pointing out how absurd your point is with a joking threat. Duhhh.

It’s not your opinions it’s how terrible you are at expressing them and your cross posting nonsense. Take your victory into the weekend.


TheMobyDicks t1_jefin4r wrote

Don't stop now, guys. I'm just heating up some Orville Redenbacher.


PromiseNorth t1_jefm0ax wrote

Bahaaa ha. Ok since you opened the corn for popping. Why go to a state house to protest federal policies. Ramen, isn’t that like shitting in a urinal? Pissing into the wind? Go play with all your friends on r/politicsvermont. It’s such a spirited bunch over there. So many ppl engaging with your brilliant pros.

Did ya get a sunburn that fateful day in front of the state house you brave brave soul? or frostbite? Support NORML, make your donations? Or are they too Scott adjacent?


RamaSchneider OP t1_jefv8nw wrote

Because the state was debating state level policy and there was a lot of talk about what the feds would or wouldn't accept.

But don't let asking for clarification get in your way of feeling whatever it is you feel.