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Average-RedditUser1 t1_jdc682v wrote

You’re making an irrelevant comparison, “whistles past graveyard full of millions”, you’re basically saying, “ who cares people die anyways”.


friedmpa t1_jdcepst wrote

Opinion on vaccines and masks?


Average-RedditUser1 t1_jdcgc8p wrote

I’m sure you can guess my stance on masks and vaccines. (Not a fan)


friedmpa t1_jdcgwaj wrote

So which type of preventable death is okay for you and which one is not


Average-RedditUser1 t1_jdch27o wrote

Getting the sickness itself. Shown to be more effective than masks, and vaccinations. The best immunity you can get.


jsled t1_jde4hos wrote

The reference was to the graveyards full of millions of dead due to COVID, a national tragedy, and a serious impact on the economy (both the deaths and our response to the pandemic).

It's quite relevant.


Average-RedditUser1 t1_jde5syz wrote

BRO what are you talking about MILLIONS😂😂 do you know the actual death rate for Covid?? I will tell you, it’s not even in the same ball park of a seven digit death rate.


jsled t1_jdedq76 wrote

> with 1,114,970[5] all-time deaths, the most of any country,

COVID-19 in the US



Average-RedditUser1 t1_jdehaas wrote

I’m sorry but that’s simply not accurate. During the peak of Covid, hospitals around the country were caught tampering with death certificates. For example, patient comes in March 1st to a hospital, tests positive for Covid. Two weeks later, said patient gets in an awful car wreck, get rushed to hospital, and dies. What does cause of death say on death certificate? Covid-19. This is not an an unusual occurrence, this has been happening at hospitals around the country, at an alarming rate, all the way from construction accidents, to drug overdoses, and the one thing they all have in common? Death certificate says cause of death, is Covid-19.


jsled t1_jdeqy03 wrote

That's not how it works, though. Christ, you morons.


Average-RedditUser1 t1_jdetmav wrote

Believe what you want. Your blue haired avatar tell me everything I need to know. Good day to you zer.