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Corey307 t1_jc8sj6w wrote

A lot of people move here assuming it’s going to be a postcard when the state does have plenty of problems. There’s a lot of poverty, drug abuse, it’s very difficult to find a doctor and the roads are often shit during winter. It is a genuinely rural state, too many stories of people moving here during the pandemic and freaking out because they smell cow shit or their neighbor target shoots. Seems like you’ll probably be fine with the second if you move someplace rural.

Real quick since we’re on the topic of guns state law allows people to hike fish and hunt on private land unless you specifically post it otherwise per state regulations. Let’s say you move here and buy some acres, somebody being on your land is not illegal. the most you can do is ask them to leave because it’s not even trespassing until you do. It’s the opposite of Texas where are you sure shoot first ask questions later.

I came here before that and made an effort to integrate, if you’re looking to do so you’ll be fine or if you never leave Burlington you won’t encounter any of this anyways. but don’t be like my new Masshole neighbors who call the cops on people doing legal things on their rural property and who death glare at you instead of waving. It’s easy to fall in love with the place when you’re a tourist. It’s more difficult when it’s six months without sun and plenty of subzero nights. If that doesn’t bother you you can probably find peace and happiness here. It is a genuinely beautiful state and the people here are kind although not super quick to you become best friends if you feel me. If you love the outdoors there’s few better places to be.


KennethDenson OP t1_jc8ty1q wrote

I’ve lived in Dallas for most of the last 25 years but I spent my early years in a rural area so I don’t think most of that would be a problem. I tend to not call the police eventif folks are doing something illegal on their own property unless it’s hurting someone else. I like to wave at folks when I pass them on the road.

The bit about the doctors I didn’t expect, is that because like any rural area, doctors set up shop where there are enough people so you might have to drive half an hour or so? Or is there a doctor shortage?


Corey307 t1_jc91lfn wrote

There is a serious shortage of healthcare practitioners in this state largely because doctors and nurses don’t get paid much here. This is something you should factor in before moving, jobs pay for shit here. If you and your partner don’t have any serious medical conditions you’ll probably be fine but this is not a good state to move to if you have serious health problems and intend to receive treatment in state.


FyuckerFjord t1_jc8ym7o wrote

Docs set up shop mostly where they went to school. They're lured away to other areas by big money. There's no big money in Vermont. There are barely any docs here. Expect to wait 6 mos to a year for any appointment, maybe 3 mos if it's a important. Otherwise it's the ER or urgent care and they won't be too happy to see you. Then they'll reference you somewhere for a followup in 6 months. It's insane - I say that coming from Raleigh where you can get in same day or week to see most docs.


WantDastardlyBack t1_jcagvcz wrote

My doctor just left the area, and thankfully, I've been a patient with this practice for 30 years, so they have me seeing other doctors or the LPN, otherwise, I've been told an eight-month wait with priority to existing patients like me. Some practices are no longer taking new patients at all because of the lack of staffing. When we moved my mom closer to me (Alzheimer's) only one practice of the ten I called would put her on the waitlist.


computaSaysYes t1_jcwpdji wrote

It is not just doctors. You need a massage, acupuncture, reiki, cleansing, any yoga discipline under the sun, hypnotist, tarot reading, rife machine hookup, an exorcism? choices abound....

But doctors, dentists, pharmacists, and damn near any profession that you need to satisfy your basic needs are sparse, difficult to find, overbooked, and usually far far away. Which is why most like to visit their 2nd home here, but don't want to actually live here. You have to be willing and able to do most things, if not everything, for yourself. Even if you have money, money can't buy everything. There are simply not enough tradespeople, medical professionals, housing, etc etc to go around. And locals are continually either being pushed out because of costs or aging out.


KennethDenson OP t1_jcawys2 wrote

I didn't notice the middle paragraph until just now, but that is interesting to know, thank you


Corey307 t1_jcbcjut wrote

Welcome, I didn’t assume it would be a problem since you seem like a nice person but not everybody is.