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Corey307 t1_jckisef wrote

These laws would not give you federal protection but look at states that have legalized recreational marijuana, it doesn’t seem like state and local police are cooperating with the feds to go after people. You’d be in the clear at the state level and the only way the feds could do anything is with state cooperation. Considering the FBI isn’t staking out every dispensary in states that have legalized pot I’d say you’re pretty protected.


HomeOnTheMountain_ t1_jclf7ei wrote

This is a bad argument. You're staking your freedom or others freedom on an assumption. Legal rights are binary - they exist or they don't.


Arguably, no one is being arrested for mushrooms in vermont at the moment regardless of this legislation (if it passes). You do, however, run the risk of someone going nuts and trying to push these laws by opening a dispensary or flaunting federal rules too much which draws attention from the feds. Totally hypothetical until its not


Not to mention that mushrooms are not cannabis. They're not physically dangerous (well, arguably) but they're not without risk. Unfortunately most folks are too ignorant to do any research on them so they just treat them like weed. That's not the case, and one really really bad incident would be all it takes to reverse public opinion, repeating the 70s propagana bull shit all over again.


twowheels t1_jcln3mc wrote

It seems that the most likely bad incident would be a case of misidentification, which already happens, no? It’s definitely something I think of often as an avid forager of edibles.

I guess if a dispensary sold some mid-identified mushrooms that would give them just the justification they’d be looking for to crack down.