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nlpnt t1_jed5uxc wrote

Maybe we should have a video camera pointing to it and a YouTube site, like the 11'8" bridge.


06EXTN t1_jedaeho wrote

$10,000 fine and loss of CDL, with mandatory recertification would stop this DEAD. but we have pussies in Montpelier.


nlpnt t1_jeej2nr wrote

What sort of power does VT have to revoke out-of-state/Federal, let alone Canadian CDLs for something like this? Because it's a safe bet there's not one single VT CDL holder who's unaware of this.


06EXTN t1_jeendhi wrote

The state has power to enact and enforce laws that are broken within their borders. License suspension is totally one of them.


TheMobyDicks t1_jeft7c4 wrote

Fine the shit out of both the driver AND the carrier. Post it in large lettering on signs at the Notch and before so that they can turn around.