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Otto-Korrect t1_jd31mk2 wrote

Well water. I never gave it amy thought, but I've never lived on a house with town water. I think well water just tastes better.

Fluoride probably would have helped me when I was a kid, though.


kellogsmalone OP t1_jd35ad4 wrote

My town stopped using flouride. It's good for teeth, not for drinking.


KITTYONFYRE t1_jd3osqa wrote

it's specifically good for drinking, because it is good for teeth

you're drinking such a tiny amount in treated water, there are no negative effects

anti-flouride is not a particularly well informed POV, especially considering it naturally occurs in groundwater anyway (sometimes in higher concentrations than treated water!)


kellogsmalone OP t1_jd5yag2 wrote

Good to know. Quantity is important to consider. I didn't realize it was a pseudoscientific debate like vaccines and autism b.s.


amoebashephard t1_jd32pad wrote

I was lucky and my parents had good dental, so got the treatments. A lot of my friends growing up didn't or couldn't though, and ouch


bibliophile222 t1_jd3heoy wrote

I've almost never been as good at taking care of my teeth as I could have been, I eat my fair share of sugar, and I once went over a decade without going to the dentist, and I have still never had a cavity. I'm sure good tooth genetics plays a large part, but I've also had town water almost my whole life and got plenty of fluoride as a kid.