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UnloadedGunn t1_iufqm1l wrote

  • Anti-mask
  • Anti-choice
  • Supporter of Jan 6
  • Build the wall

In short, he’s an asshole.


_User_Name_Fail t1_iug7h17 wrote

Hey now. Watch it. You're insulting assholes everywhere with that post.


LukeMayeshothand t1_iugbphx wrote

Indeed. I’m surprised someone like this could get enough votes to bother running.


JerryKook t1_iui81tg wrote

and his supporters like to wave gigantic flags.


SheaF91 t1_iufr5tr wrote

From what I can gather, he is a bird


JaxBratt t1_iufwalq wrote

Strikes me as a duck honestly. Sounds like mallard maybe. Quack. Quack quack… quack


Divio42 t1_iuht93q wrote

Really? I gathered that he is a turd.

There's gotta be a poem in here somewhere.


JaxBratt t1_iuipg53 wrote

Yeah, I apologize to all actual ducks out there. Our fine feathered friends deserve better.


Divio42 t1_iuitpal wrote

This Gerald Malloy is quite absurd

He'll try to get it on with a bird

Any breed he will fuck

Ostrich, eagle, or duck

He is really just a massive turd


Doodlesworth t1_iufqp5x wrote

A military veteran, business executive and far right extremist. Kinda sad, because the 1st two are important, but someone who doesn't believe in elections has no place in democratic government.


igneousigneous t1_iufrycc wrote

He's also only been in Vermont resident for two years, which I think is pertinent when talking about elected officials. Didn't even live her pre-covid.


Doodlesworth t1_iuftvps wrote

Fair - it is odd how little info there is on him. My impression is that Mitch snagged him at some cathouse and yurtled the turtled him into moving and running here.


drew13m t1_iuhzn4r wrote

Look at that turtle gooooo, brooooooo!


Nickmorgan19457 t1_iugd1l6 wrote

We really need residency requirements. Every election year some flatlander fucknugget wants to show us how they do it in their real America and then goes down in flames. Sure it’s funny to watch but I hate all the ads.


meinblown t1_iugi6yb wrote

What ads?


Twombls t1_iui6rj9 wrote

He has thousands of signs around the chittenden county area. They are fucking everywhere on roadsides. Never in someone's actual yard or anything though.


meinblown t1_iuiey51 wrote

I just call those signs. I thought you meant like TV or radio ads.


jteedubs t1_iuhvk9q wrote

I believe the first time he voted in VT was in his primary.


meinblown t1_iughxnn wrote

As a veteran myself, we are not that important. Honestly the majority of us are total shitbags.


Divio42 t1_iuhtm3i wrote

Some are cool some are total assholes. More than anything, they are people.

Like cops, a higher percentage of certain personality types may be more prone to joining, however, but I think the police attract more assholes than the military.


couldbeyourex t1_iuhdnwy wrote

Damn that’s fucked up. Im not a total shit bag and neither are you. Here for you bro


stinking_badgers t1_iuifwzi wrote

I respect your opinion about vets and businessmen, and have no bias against them, but I would disagree that it makes them any better qualified than any other person of the same level of intelligence or ethics. Edit: accidentally wrote “have bias” instead of “have NO bias”. Freudian slip? Anyway, fixed it :)


Twombls t1_iui5vug wrote

I'd rather not have business executives be my politicians. Also you cant really have the first two without the third in my experiences lol.


raincntry t1_iuhgbsw wrote

He is a guy who lives in Maryland and is a defense contractor. He looked around to see if there were any states that would not have an incumbent Senator up for reelection in 2022 and moved there to run. He's a carpetbagging elitist who wants to use power to steer money to himself and his cronies.


ovscrider t1_iuia87l wrote

So he's Vermont's Hillary Clinton and Dr Oz? Hopefully there will be a different outcome than in NY because IMO unless you lived in a state for a decade + you don't know the needs and wants of the electorate and even though it's forgotten it's the politicians job to represent the citizens not the RNC DNC or any party leader.


DirtyBirdNJ t1_iufsxrd wrote

Who among us hasn't engaged in a little eagle fucking from time to time?


Jerry_Williams69 t1_iufvtb5 wrote



rynamdn t1_iufzok8 wrote

Maybe if it was a sick eagle.


Jerry_Williams69 t1_iug6bv5 wrote

I would take 2, maybe 3 people to fuck an eagle. No way Malloy did it alone.


burke_no_sleeps t1_iug731d wrote

I mean.. I guess I would bring some friends too

Eagles are big and they only mate in mid-air so it's a complex process


bikepolo t1_iufz8xf wrote

“Angry Bird Man” what my kids call him, so I’ve always pictured him like that.


ElDub73 t1_iufqu5o wrote

I’d want to ask him if he wins would he accept the results of the election.

I mean he won’t, but I’d like to hear the answer.


burke_no_sleeps t1_iug7pp0 wrote

I got a text from him, actually!

(his campaign team, you know, not the Man the Myth the Legend Malloy McEaglebonk)


edit: in the interest of political fairness I have to mention I've also seen Peter Welch pretend to hike and advertise for his dentist at least five times every single time I watch a YouTube video, every day, for the past month.


texmarie t1_iugdd45 wrote

I got a text from his wife about how much she loves cops. Idek how they got my number


jujubeee t1_iuilw1o wrote

I got that text too and flagged it as spam


woburnite t1_iuheqpi wrote

Not sure why but all my YT ads are for the NH race. I am on the border but I and my ISP are in VT.


CrispyApparition3568 t1_iui1y6x wrote

That's not so bad.... I get texts from NY, California, and VT.

My cell phone number I've had for years. I lived in Northern NY State, so I have a 518 area code. Then I lived in California for a couple years, and finally moved back East and settled in VT.

I just block all of them when I get texts. I'm sick of all of them. I feel 98.5% of politicians are just crappy people. And I absolutely hate the politicking that goes on and on, seemingly unstopping, just continuing on from one election year to the next.


obiwanjabroni420 t1_iui6e9o wrote

I get texts from every race in the country it seems like. My wife donated to Bernie during the last presidential election, and now I’m getting constant spam texts from every progressive democrat around the country asking me to donate and telling me it’s the “most important election ever”. I text back every single one to stop receiving texts, but they all come from different numbers so there’s no end to it. I really wish I knew how to take my number off whatever list it’s on, but I have a feeling that’s not possible.


CrispyApparition3568 t1_iuif4fe wrote

Yeah. I tried the reply with STOP, but it never works. As you said, they come from different, random numbers, sometimes repeats. Now I just block every single one if them, so at least I'm avoiding the repeats.


whaletacochamp t1_iuiyzno wrote

My phone number is a number you would easily make up if trying to make a fake phone number. The result is that two people in VT use my number for all kinds of shit and I get all kinds of texts targeted at them. Well apparently someone in Minnesota has started using it too as well as PA because I get no fewer than 3 MN/PA political texts per day.


whaletacochamp t1_iuiyrvx wrote

I had HughesNet for awhile - I would get all kinds of crazy ads. Mostly for Arizona candidates for whatever reason. Starlink is doing a bit better.


Jsr1 t1_iuhfjll wrote

Carpetbagger, flatlander, Steven Bannon buddy, Jan 6th supporter


chesbyiii t1_iufyjsr wrote

It's a ploy; Malloy.


Traditional_Lab_5468 t1_iuifkga wrote

He's a leaf-peeper from Baltimore that got lost here a year and a half ago. He plugged "Baltimore" into his GPS and it took him to Baltimore, Vermont, so he just threw in the towel and bought a house nearby.

Why he's running for office now is beyond me, though.


Albert_NE t1_iuid9ga wrote

He’s a Christian fascists running against Peter Welch for US Senate.


deadowl t1_iugf1s6 wrote

Far right dude who got nominated because an endorsement from Susie "Sidewalk Chalk" Collins is political death.


fearofsnakes82 t1_iuhj6yc wrote

I’m not 100% sure what his name really is. Is his first name Deploy?? Honestly…no clue what his full name is.


Twombls t1_iui6mji wrote

Far right wingnut receiving some serious funding.

He has thousands of signs on the roadsides around chittenden. Like it gets to the point where he will surround one political sign with like 20 of his. Suspiciously none of them are ever in actual peoples lawns. He also spams text adds constantly.


Tyindorset t1_iuhzl7o wrote

He retired as a Major after 26 years in service, so in short - he’s well below average.


AOx3_VSS_IDGAF t1_iui4g9g wrote

Lawyer Malloy... used to play safety for the Pats


Carp_ t1_iugi9x2 wrote

I think that being a US Senator may be too good a job.


zombienutz1 t1_iugmy81 wrote

Somebody who is prepared to lose...


KyussSun t1_iuhy5qf wrote

From the signs I see around, I can tell he's a in seventh grade, but running for class President of the entire middle school. Gonna be tough to beat Tiffany Vanderbilt this year... she was homecoming queen after all... but with a snappy slogan, he's got a chance!


GimmieJohnson t1_iui6h46 wrote

He is a DuckTales character. Former mayor of Duckberg.


ISlothyCat t1_iuhtri5 wrote

Sounds like he’s the wannabe Vermont avatar for dTrump


mitchnmurray t1_iuj5wc1 wrote

Let’s say you were in middle school, and you and your buddies started a band, and your other stoner buddy said he could draw you a logo for your band. That’s who Malloy is.


triptopdropblop t1_iug0dqm wrote

The leading candidate, according to this sub


immutable_truth t1_iugncx6 wrote

Lmao perfect example of how this sub is making this guy more relevant. You would never have asked this question if people weren’t rage posting about him nonstop.

All you need to know is he is a far right Republican who stands a snowballs chance in hell of winning a Vermont senate seat.

Understand that people in this state don’t have a hell of a lot to be outraged about, but they desperately want to feed their persecution fetish. So they have used Malloy as a means to this end.

It’s the equivalent of mainstream news making a story about a random tweet. In the end, it’s irrelevant and just serves as an outrage lightning rod.


B1gredmachine t1_iuhf5df wrote

Dude is running for office. That makes him relevant. His signs make him relevant. Stop pretending otherwise.

Past that, it's up to us to make sure everyone knows he's a deplorable Jan 6th carpetbagger.


Twombls t1_iui772p wrote

Remember when we said the same thing about trump.

Id rather have people on thid sub actually be educated about why this guy is a shitbag than someone accidentally filling in his bubble on the ballot because they saw he had the most signs. (A surprisingly common occurrence in local elections)


immutable_truth t1_iuiat6o wrote

I don’t think much educating is taking place haha. Most posts are complaining about his signage and suggesting he wants to fuck eagles.

I don’t think someone is going to vote for him bc this sub is putting his name out there - I just hate the wasted energy in even worrying about this guy.


stinking_badgers t1_iuig7fu wrote

I mean, he’s the Republican nominee. That didn’t happen because of the Vermont subreddit. If some people on here get educated about him that’s a positive.