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SheaF91 t1_iufr5tr wrote

From what I can gather, he is a bird


JaxBratt t1_iufwalq wrote

Strikes me as a duck honestly. Sounds like mallard maybe. Quack. Quack quack… quack


Divio42 t1_iuht93q wrote

Really? I gathered that he is a turd.

There's gotta be a poem in here somewhere.


JaxBratt t1_iuipg53 wrote

Yeah, I apologize to all actual ducks out there. Our fine feathered friends deserve better.


Divio42 t1_iuitpal wrote

This Gerald Malloy is quite absurd

He'll try to get it on with a bird

Any breed he will fuck

Ostrich, eagle, or duck

He is really just a massive turd