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DaddyBobMN t1_ita2r0u wrote

The general gist I get from neighbors, coworkers, folks I know around town, etc is that Vermonters have been travelling more this summer and fall as well, probably in line with the rest of the US.

Weekends in NYC, busloads down to Foxborough for a game, flying down to the coast somewhere warmer, the casino in CT, Jersey Shore, Vegas, Nashville, whatever.

More movement, more potential for anything to spread.

It's like people forget that tourism goes both ways. Anyone who has pics of their own trips on social media isn't allowed to complain about leaf peepers or skiers or any other visitors to me.


Corey307 t1_itb08r8 wrote

The airport has been jampacked for several months, everyone is back to traveling again. Hell more people traveled over the Labor Day weekend then traveled in 2019.


RigatoniGibroni t1_it9ytgs wrote

Don’t blame the leaf peepers, no one here wears masks anymore, it’s like Covid doesn’t exist.


Acreasirl t1_itcckjn wrote

I'm triple vaxxed and have made peace with my god. If I die I die.


Brilliant_Capital259 t1_itdzi8k wrote

You’ve also apparently made peace with taking other people down with you


Acreasirl t1_ite2i7j wrote

should've got the vax


Brilliant_Capital259 t1_itgui8e wrote

What about people who can’t get the vaccine, or are so immunocompromised that even if they’re vaccinated getting COVID could kill them?


Acreasirl t1_itidotl wrote

Bummer. This is the world we live in and people need to accept it. It's just a new Flu. It's not going anywhere.


Brilliant_Capital259 t1_itimkze wrote

Enjoy hell lmao


Acreasirl t1_itinuaj wrote

Can't be real if I don't believe in it. If you're still scared of Covid, after all this time. I feel bad for you. You should get your life together.


Glittering_Respond49 t1_ita2jf6 wrote

I mean- it kind of is? Like cases are down and most ppl are vaxxed.


RigatoniGibroni t1_ita35x4 wrote

Yeah ok sure but my comment is in response to OP blaming other states for Covid spikes in Vermont as if Vermonters are perfect and unable to spread Covid to one another.


[deleted] t1_itbehui wrote

Everybody in vt blames “flatlanders” for everything. Why are you surprised by this


RigatoniGibroni t1_itbua1o wrote

I’m sorry you misunderstood, but did I say I was surprised? Nope, I didn’t say that.


ApprehensiveDeer9530 t1_itcsi1z wrote

Cases aren't down, the current strain is extremely contagious, but it's much more mild. That said, I am back to masking and being careful because I'm pregnant, and therefore more susceptible to getting sick. And COVID can cause increase the risk of stillbirth or preterm labor ☹️


Trajikbpm t1_ita4x3w wrote

Stop just stop please we're living with covid indefinitely... So just quit it.


sweintraub t1_ita1052 wrote

As long as a more deadly variant doesn't emerge, I think society is content to live with Covid with the remedies we have the same way we live with Influenza


Playingwithmyrod t1_ita4vb8 wrote

Yea the whole "irradication" mentality needs to stop.


JaxBratt t1_itby81c wrote

How is this data even being collected anymore? I have a hard time assigning any real meaning to any covid data at this point when there’s essentially zero tracing or individualized data collection going on. As I’ve said before, when I got it in the spring the department of health had zero interest in it so I get that they might be doing some representative sampling of waste water and such but seriously knock it off trying to make strict and specific conclusions from such extrapolations.


Jerry_Williams69 t1_ita2nk9 wrote

What a pain in the ass


QualityRescue t1_itbo1fm wrote

Are you quoting the New Yorkers when they see a bus from Vermont pull up in Times Square?


Jerry_Williams69 t1_itboea8 wrote

Lol probably. I was actually calling COVID a pain in the ass, but you are probably right.


Suspicious-Eagle-179 t1_itd2jlr wrote

Stop talking about COVID. It’s never going away. People need to live and enjoy their lives and not stay in a bubble


Master__Midnight t1_it9z5b8 wrote

Edit: Sorry my original post was a bit sarcastic. Here's the reality: The disease is here. Its been here for years now. If you closed the state borders tomorrow it would still be here in 10 years.


Acceptable_Fix7159 t1_itbigg6 wrote

I wonder if the Northeast and Alaska are just better at reporting positive tests. It seems terribly fishy that the rest of the country has such low numbers.


E_White12 t1_itbxv0l wrote

Everyone else has moved on. Rightfully so. No more LARPing.


JollyHateGiant t1_iteufnt wrote

Agreed completely, I keep telling my dead relatives to stop faking it! "Like, okay grandma, I get it, you died of covid complications and you're a corpse, you can get up now!"


E_White12 t1_itfzw94 wrote

Sorry to hear about her. Statistically she likely passed at the start of covid before we knew how to treat it and before it evolved to be less deadly. There is also a strong chance other sicknesses could have done it if covid didn’t. We need to move on with life. Most people have. I feel terrible for the people who still live in fear. Everybody dies but not everybody lives.


they_have_no_bullets t1_itbkz2w wrote

Thanks for sharing this, it's amazing you can see from the timeline that it definitely corresponds to leaf peeping season as you said


Terminator1175 t1_it9y6i2 wrote

Oh is it 2020 again? With vaccines and Covid becoming less threatening its irrelevant


TwoNewfies t1_ita5g6y wrote

It's not less threatening. It's a neurological and vascular disease that can continue to damage someone, unnoticeable until they have a stroke, or dementia, or very bad cases of other infections.


[deleted] t1_itbeo7x wrote

Every virus has that same potential. Go live in a bubble and leave normal people alone please.


Terminator1175 t1_ita5lef wrote

What? Never heard any of that


Rare_Message_7204 t1_ita77sn wrote

Strange, VT has an extremely high Vax rate... Its almost as if the vaccine wasn't a vaccine at all, just a therapeutic.

Seriously folks, the current strain is weaker than the flu. We need to stop with the dramatization of it. We've lived and learned. If your srill truly worried, just make smart decisions for yourself. Don't force anything on others. We tried that, doesn't work.