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realmadrid111 t1_ist35jl wrote

Yeah, it's like this in all the "leash only" areas I'm usually in. Also gives people the excuse not to pick up after their dogs, because they get to pretend they're not shitting everywhere. I have a dog, and it drives me nuts how entitled most dog owners are about this stuff.


beetroot747 OP t1_ist7p70 wrote

I’ve seen my share of entitled dog owners too. I just didn’t expect to see them up here in northern New England. Granted, I believe all three dog owners here are tourists from elsewhere in the country.


realmadrid111 t1_istv2mg wrote

Contrary to what you often see in this sub, we also have some jerks in Vermont! We too are at times guilty of bad driving, bad parking and other dickish behavior :)


beetroot747 OP t1_istvbk2 wrote

Hahahaha, I’m a Masshole living in NH so I totally get it 😂