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Again, you are still just insisting on something that is obviously NOT TRUE.

It doesn't matter how well behaved you think your dog is, if it is off leash it is a threat to everyone and to the animals and environment that they are in.

Why are so many dog people assume that everybody loves dogs?

Again, a significant portion of the population has a well deserved fear of dogs and having to encounter an unleashed animal can be quite traumatizing and ruin someones day.

Why do so many dog owners insist on never considering the negative impact that their selfish, narcissistic, behavior has on the people around them?


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>Is it possible that we could allow these two gentle and passive dogs on just one trail out of the 870 trails in Vermont? That seems ok to me if people were told dogs off leash on trail - which wasn’t posted here.

No, it is super selfish and irresponsible to let dogs off leash on hiking trails.

It is your responsibility to know the law and taking bad advise about "dog friendly" places on the internet is no excuse.

Also assuming that it is ok to let you pet off leash just because there is no sign telling you not to is idiotic, selfish and irresponsible.

When a trail is not marked, the default is leash your dog, not the other way around.


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>My behavior is not selfish and narcissistic

Yes, it is. You keep trying to claim that these animals were "harmless" just because YOU thought they were well behaved.

Any unleashed animal is a threat to some people, animals and the environment, no matter how well behaved YOU think they are.


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This is definitely not true. I didn't really have a problem with those dogs, but if you sat down to eat a snack up at the top they would sit right down next to you and breath very smelly dog breath in your face while hopefully waiting for a snack. You move, they move. Certainly not aggressive or violent but they did approach people minding their own business


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Yeah, I don't want your animal anywhere near me, especially if it is not on a leash.


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Totally fair. I wasn't upset to see them, but I could see how that behavior, even just occasionally, would bother folks