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qrqrqrqr4 t1_istauya wrote

This is definitely not true. I didn't really have a problem with those dogs, but if you sat down to eat a snack up at the top they would sit right down next to you and breath very smelly dog breath in your face while hopefully waiting for a snack. You move, they move. Certainly not aggressive or violent but they did approach people minding their own business


ThisistheInfiniteIs t1_istdgr6 wrote

Yeah, I don't want your animal anywhere near me, especially if it is not on a leash.


[deleted] t1_istb5b3 wrote



qrqrqrqr4 t1_istd2rw wrote

Totally fair. I wasn't upset to see them, but I could see how that behavior, even just occasionally, would bother folks