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Unique-Public-8594 t1_is6brok wrote


DNA testing led to the arraignment of 46 yo Richard Welch of Brandon, held without bail for sexual assault stemming from DNA test results showing him to be the father of a child with his girlfriend’s daughter who would have been 11 at the time when the baby was conceived.



Azr431 t1_is7myud wrote

OMG, the girl's mother trying to blame her ex-husband and father of the girl knowing her boyfriend was the one that did it. Absolutely depraved, she should lose all rights to her kids.


TDGroupie t1_is69zt4 wrote

Lock that fuck up for life!!


Jerry_Williams69 t1_is8v5ea wrote

General population and announce what he was in for. The rest will sort itself out.


nlpnt t1_is8vtdv wrote

Ship his ass to whatever out-of-state for-profit hellhole DOC is using now, and do that.


pbrutsche t1_ish094m wrote

(coming in late)

From what I've heard about how prisons work, general population WILL find out about it through the rumor mill.

He'll be kept in solitary for his own safety.


laughertes t1_is7b8fj wrote

The mother needs custody removed too. Seriously, the guy stuck his penis in one of her kid’s mouths and she laughed? Absolutely not acceptable!


trashbucket2020 t1_is88w43 wrote

I was working right across the border in NH at a restaurant. We had a lot of teenagers working there. One day one of their dad’s came in and my employee told me that he just got out of prison. The employee seemed uncomfortable. I did a quick Google search of their last name and the town that they lived in and found a court case document in which their dad was saying he had ineffective counsel and wanted a retrial. The document explained the entire case. The mom had held a preteen girl down and helped the dad rape the girl when my employee was a toddler. The mom ratted on the dad and got immunity (she also said that he assaulted his own toddler). I was floored. This shitty ass mom had been coming to the restaurant all Summer. I always found her a little off, but damn. I never told anyone else at the restaurant about what I found out but I think about it all the time. There are some really fucked up people here.


Traditional_Lab_5468 t1_is6bxzr wrote

>Initially, the girl said she was not sexually active and did not know how she could have become pregnant, stating that she sometimes sleepwalks but does not remember anything, indicating she attributed her growing stomach to being a “chubby” kid despite having missed her period since December.
Upon subsequent interviews, the girl began to say that she thought that Welch might be the father of her child, born on June 30. Court documents show the girl denying that she’d had sex with Welch but saying “maybe something could have happened while she was sleeping” and that she was a “pretty hard sleeper” who doesn’t wake up to “anything other than the smoke alarm.”
The girl also stated that she did not believe the father could be anyone other than Welch.



Vermonter623 OP t1_is6pdei wrote

While everyone is enjoying the foliage, this story is somehow getting no press except in a free local paper


M05040423 t1_is7tyko wrote

Not to mention I can’t believe it took this long to make it to any news outlet.


Southern-Ad-7168 t1_is774ir wrote

The girls father should be given a baseball bat and ten minutes in a locked room with no cameras.


Dalezneverfailz t1_is7dmoz wrote

Give him as long as he needs..


Southern-Ad-7168 t1_is7dw5k wrote

I think I’d only need about 30 seconds but I hear you. I wouldn’t stop until the walls were covered.


Dalezneverfailz t1_is7gryw wrote

Absolutely. I don't have any kids, nor am I an angry or violent person, but I'm pretty sure I'd gladly spend an eternity pummeling him.


andicandi22 t1_is79vnf wrote

If this is the Richard Welch I think it is, I knew of him growing up and he is NOT a good man. He was just as depraved and disgusting as a teenager and made all the girls uncomfortable with his constant slack-jawed staring. I hope they punish him to the full extent of the law on this.


Vermonter623 OP t1_is7azb7 wrote

Clearly your intuition was correct back then of this is indeed the same person


Vermalien t1_is7phpw wrote

Unfortunately, “The full extent of the law” for child rapists in this state seems to be 7 year sentence with release and probation after 2 years of “good behavior” for multiple repeat offenders. I’ve known of one such filth first hand right in the area, and the victim count was up to 5 children last time they went back to prison a few years ago, were released, and re offended within weeks. Two of the victims were their own children, and the other parent clearly was an enabler.


RCIntl t1_is8kmx8 wrote

I've been raped. Repeat offenders? Castration please. And give ME/US/HER the baseball bat.


andicandi22 t1_is7pvqe wrote

Fuuuuck. I hate this.


Vermalien t1_is7rlu8 wrote

I take the longer way to and from work so I don’t have to pass their house every day.


ranaparvus t1_is7utde wrote

Useful link for those who would like to be aware of registered sex offenders in their area:

Unless you have a child in school (and sometimes not even then), you will not be notified of an offender moving into your area.


seanner_vt2 t1_is6eyku wrote

Maybe when he's in prison they get rid of his balls and put them in their own little prison on his wall. He can look @ them every day and know he'll not be able to do it again


Vermonter623 OP t1_is6odee wrote

The sad fact is that Vermont is very soft on crime. These dirtbags are often given very lenient sentences. Judge Cashman comes to mind.


whaletacochamp t1_is6pkjn wrote

Thank god for the registry. Guy up the road from me has a charge for sexual assault on a minor less than 12yo. He's constantly in and out of jail for other things and EVERYONE knows when he is being released as people blast it on every public forum they can.

We had a break in that coincided with one of his releases. I was unaware of him and i must've had 15 people in my tiny town reach out to say that they suspected it was likely him. I certainly don't feel bad for the guy but it's at the point where he is blamed for literally any crime that happens in our small town. And honestly I can't think of much of a better punishment. He is literally the town pariah and can't even leave his meth lab trailer to show his face.


Vermonter623 OP t1_is6pwt3 wrote

Being embarrassed is not enough in my book. They need to be chemically castrated. Especially in this situation. The mother of this girl should be in jail too. She watched him orally molest one of her other kids and laughed. What the fuck is happening here where this story is not even news?


Jo-Jo-66- t1_is76jld wrote

Jodge Cashman was following DOC protocol on sentencing structures for sex offenders when he sentenced that offender. At the time most sex offenders were given a suspended sentence so they could pursue treatment. Bill O Reilley got wind of the story and blew it up for ratings.. yes that guy that lost his Fox News gig for sexual harassment of female employees.. Cashman was a good , fair ,judge.


Vermonter623 OP t1_is7ahwt wrote

Cashman sentenced a repeated child rapist to six months in jail. Do you have children? Do you understand the damage people like these cause? Defending child rape is a bad look


Jo-Jo-66- t1_is7qtpz wrote

He was sentenced according to DOC guidelines to receive a punitive response and a treatment program. You can’t just lock them up and expect change..the sentence was following best practice at the time. Cashman was a good Judge


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Jo-Jo-66- t1_isa5eze wrote

Eventually they all get out . Some benefit from treatment and learn to control their urges. Some refuse treatment and are just as dangerous when they get out as when they were sentenced. But no sex offender gets a life sentence unless they commit murder.


Unique-Public-8594 t1_is774th wrote

This child deserves access to an abortion if that is her preference.


Vermonter623 OP t1_is7as4g wrote

This child had the baby because the mother and stepfather hid the fact that the 11 year old girl was pregnant. This is not about abortion.


memorytheatre t1_is7oh37 wrote

Here's another horror show committed by Vermonters.

>WHNS reports the suspects had recently moved to South Carolina from Vermont.


ranaparvus t1_is7tw1a wrote

The Tatro family has had many run-ins with the law. I can’t believe they got away with torturing that poor girl.


VermontVermin t1_is7boho wrote

Send him to jail. They will take care of this there. Trust me.


Vtfla t1_is7w7on wrote

No they won’t actually. They put these guys in a protective unit. I know first hand sadly, have a relative in custody for similar offenses in a Vermont prison.


VermontVermin t1_is9710a wrote

They usually have to request a transfer to protective custody. That can take a few hours or a few days in gen pop. Lot can happen in that time frame. Take it from someone who did all their 2 years in gen pop.


Vermonter623 OP t1_is7bvg0 wrote

I hope a prison guard accidentally leaves the Brandon reporter in the day room of the unit this guy is in. He surely will be dealt with then


Vermonter623 OP t1_is87coc wrote

I just found out my niece was in the same grade as the victim. And my Reddit friends my niece is a little girl. The victim is the same age. This is horrifying


alwaysmilesdeep t1_is80900 wrote

The mother deserves to be punished as well. How could you allow this to happen? Fucking nut jobs.


RoyalAntelope9948 t1_is84mss wrote

Sounds like mommy dearest is just as much to blame. I hope her children are somewhere safe now. Both these scumbags should be in jail.


zkentvt t1_is87hsh wrote

According to the paternity test, Welch was 72 trillion times more likely to be the child’s father than a “random, untested, unrelated man in the population.”

Lock him away.


NevaehW8 t1_is9eiv1 wrote

possibly put a warning on posts like besides nsfw. Just didnt really wanna read about child rape on the vermont subreddit before bed.


Vermonter623 OP t1_is9qy72 wrote

The link describes the crime. If you didn’t want to see it, don’t click it. Imagine now how this little girl feels


Hellrazor32 t1_is9s7w0 wrote

When I was in 5th grade, a new family moved to our side of town. Nice parents. Their daughter was in 6th grade, and they also had a little baby about 6 months old.

Their daughter was nice. Prone to outbursts of anger during school, but otherwise just a regular kid. She adored the baby. She talked about her little sister all the time, and how she wanted to be the best Big Sister ever.

Fast forward to High School Graduation. All of a sudden, she turns 18 and truth bombs the whole town. She was the baby’s mother. It wasn’t her sister at all, but her daughter. Her stepfather was the father. They moved to VT after she gave birth at age 11, and made up the story to give her a fresh start. She told everyone that her plan after graduation was to take custody of her daughter and be the best mom she could be.

I don’t know whatever happened to her, but I’ve often wondered. I’ve always sincerely wished she and her daughter the best.


BettyLouWho318 t1_isfabrs wrote

Oh my god that’s terrible, I really hope that woman got custody and was able to have a better life with her daughter.


Real-Pierre-Delecto2 t1_isbigk7 wrote

Holy fuck that's a lot of detail for an incident with a minor. I get the need to get facts out but this poor girl should have some sense of privacy here. This is just so sick and depraved most of this info would have been better off left in the court documents. And before you all start popping off no I am not excusing any of this it's about respecting this poor girl and hoping she may have a future free of this. Way over the line here.


Vermonter623 OP t1_iscfevp wrote

Imagine how graphic it was for those poor kids


Real-Pierre-Delecto2 t1_isexuvz wrote

I can as the father of girls I would not want all this out there publicly. The girl will hopefully someday try to put this behind her and while yes having the basics reported is fair this just seems like it might follow her for life. Just way to much stuff there IMO. The he said she said gory details kinda go beyond basic reporting.


Vermonter623 OP t1_isf9rft wrote

This is the problem though. We need journalistic integrity to tell us the real story and not a sanitized version. That way we understand how truly monstrous this so called person is


Cbert_owo t1_is7i5vi wrote

There’s a special place for this kinda thing. It’s Alabama. Why must he bring shame on us


couldbeyourex t1_is7s6b7 wrote

No no, there is no place for “this kind of thing”.


Cbert_owo t1_is7sdfo wrote

Sounds like you are from Alabama 🤨


_User_Name_Fail t1_is7uc8c wrote

Say what you want about Alabama, but at least they have a law that requires chemical castration for sex offenders (if the child was < 13) if they ever want to get out on parole.