Submitted by matapuwili t3_z1c5tg in vermont

I got a speeding ticket in traversing your fine state. I didn't object because I knew I was speeding through Vermont at some point but when I got the ticket I'm not so sure. A couple weeks later I got a letter which said the ticket was rescinded. I thought, that's great , I guess it was a known speed trap. Today I got another letter saying a final judgement was entered for the original ticket plus $20. I saved the papers so I took a look. The ticket and the final judgement number end in 58. The notice of void ends in 57. WTF? If this is an official scam to collect an extra $20 I must admit it is clever.

Edit: Respondents here seem to think I object to speeding tickets but I do not. One can not get from Ohio to New Hampshire in nine hours without speeding. Nor do I object to paying a ticket, my first one in forty years. I was about to pay it when the notice of the ticket voided was received. This is what I find objectionable. That is really tricky. Looked at ticket again I was ticketed by Windham county sheriff or Fish and Wildlife it's uncertain.



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kier00 t1_ixa4y50 wrote

Mods can you delete this please this guy is exposing a massive conspiracy to bilk tourists out of $20


pro_conser333 t1_ixa9no4 wrote

So I guess we only can post about securing rights to murder babies, pics of mushrooms and the chickens we own on farms? We mustn’t allow anyone to actually ask a question because it’s a conspiracy.


Harmacc t1_ixcaqql wrote

Oh that reminds me. The next baby murder meeting has been moved to Tuesday folks. Bring a casserole.


Mallard_a4_Thoth t1_ixdqsx2 wrote

Make sure there are gluten-free options this time, please. Members of the Conspiracy to Eradicate Lives In Agricultural Channels (CELIAC) were very disappointed in last week's offerings. We can't afford to have the baby murder conspiracy splinter into competing groups over the snack table!


Websters_Dick t1_ixex9ei wrote

Cry more about our state constitution adding a right to bodily autonomy.


accepteverything t1_ixa73g6 wrote

This sounds fake. Do we even give tickets without stopping the driver? I know some states use radar and cameras, but do we?


Jerry_Williams69 t1_ixa8r68 wrote

Only a few parking lots in Burlington use cameras for tickets that I know of.


matapuwili OP t1_ixa9poq wrote

I was stopped and dressed down because I didn't pull over immediately. I'm from Ohio where we have real shoulders on the roads. That fact was lost on the cop.


VTPeWPeW247 t1_ixacbft wrote

I don’t understand what you mean when you say “but when I got the ticket I’m not so sure”.


matapuwili OP t1_ixad38p wrote

I wasn't driving differently than anyone else in the line of cars. I figure it is safest to blend in with the locals, apparently not. And the random speed limit changes are confusing ( probably due to your twisting roadways). When I crossed the Ohio border just about the first sign I saw was "speed limit changes next five miles".


VTPeWPeW247 t1_ixadkce wrote

It still doesn’t make sense. You know you were speeding, and you know where and when you were stopped. Or did you mean to type “why”? Either way, if you are really concerned about your 20 bucks, give the court a call about the different ticket numbers.


Harmacc t1_ixcao1l wrote

You seem to be extremely inconvenienced by your experience here. Maybe you should stick to your cornfields.


Maleficent_Rope_7844 t1_ixc7jom wrote

Everybody here speeds (unfortunately), but everyone takes the chance at getting pulled over.

Though I will say, at least anecdotally, when I used to commute regularly an hour up and down I89 I typically saw mass/conn/nh plates pulled over. Not so much VT plates. This was state police, but I think they like to play favorites.


thisoneisnotasbad t1_ixcsqwu wrote

Less likely to show up in court if you are from out of state.


Maleficent_Rope_7844 t1_ixcvgz7 wrote

I always figured it was something like not targeting the people that live and work here so much, but you make a good point.


Mallard_a4_Thoth t1_ixdq1qr wrote

It can get weird. My father once got a notice by mail that he was being fined for illegal parking in Rutland, a city he'd never been to. He ignored it, assuming it was a scam letter. Two weeks later, he got a second letter informing him that his fine had doubled for non-payment. Then he got a letter stating he'd missed his court date. He kept trying to call the traffic court to straighten the mystery out, but couldn't get hold of anyone.

Finally, after MONTHS of mounting fines, he managed to get a person on the phone. He tried to explain that he'd never even been to Rutland. They rattled off his license plate number.

"Yes, that's my plate." "Well sir, our records indicate that your Volkswagen Passat was parked in - " "I don't have a Volkswagen Passat." "Yes, sir. Your black Passat, license number da-da-da." "... You mean my blue Dodge pickup, truck plate # da-da-da?" "Uhhhhh....."

Turns out there was a truck plate and a car plate with the same digits, and they stopped at the first one they found without making sure the vehicle details matched. 🤦🏻‍♂️


RegalRhombus t1_ixeatxx wrote

Yeah, the truck plate distinction causes headaches like that. Throws up issues on the border too.


lantonas t1_ixf1pm9 wrote

That's what happens when you give some lonely old retired lady the power of being a metermaid.


TheMobyDicks t1_ixcrjlz wrote

Let me help you here. You say:

"I'm from Ohio where we have real shoulders on the roads."

That's because Vermont has a thing called mountains. You say you didn't pull over right away, so already the cop is pissed. If you had Ohio plates and a local-yokel cop saw that, and had the opportunity to pull you over for speeding, he might have wanted to check you out and see if you 'looked' like you might have drugs. Big bust for a guy like that.


scollaysquare t1_ixa55s0 wrote

Staties? Town cops? Sheriff's Dept,?


matapuwili OP t1_ixa9k83 wrote

Rockingham just across river from New Hampshire.


scollaysquare t1_ixag06q wrote

There's a state police barracks there but were the state police the ones that pulled you over?


Beardly_Smith t1_ixagxvu wrote

I don't think the barracks is there anymore


shingalated t1_ixcck5x wrote

I was there last year and it was still existing. It's the same building as the fire dept .


matapuwili OP t1_ixap6wk wrote

Municipal ticket from Rockingham


utilitarian_wanderer t1_ixcija8 wrote

This makes no sense, there is no Rockingham police force. There is Bellows Falls police. Town of Rockingham contracts with the Sheriffs Dept for police coverage.


varadins t1_ixafokr wrote

Is there a phone number on the ticket or the rescinded notice?


matapuwili OP t1_ixag6d0 wrote

No phone numbers on any documentation. I will call a number I found on the website tomorrow.