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timberwolf0122 t1_iutt9j8 wrote

Welcome to America, the only first world nation with no universal healthcare, coupling inferior coverage and results with #1 in the world costs


My-Left-Plate t1_iuv7fko wrote

Inferior coverage AND May higher cost!

Japan has single payer and the overall cost is HALF of what we are paying. aND better outcomes.

Anyone who argues against si for payer is sucking at the corporate tit.


memorytheatre t1_iuue5s8 wrote

You should really do some research into how well nationalized healthcare is doing in Britain and many other countries. The reality is many people rely on private hospitals in those countries because systems like the NHS are so backlogged and overwhelmed. Not saying America's system is doing great for poor people, but many of these idealized nations systems are not ideal if you just scratch under the surface a bit.


timberwolf0122 t1_iuuehom wrote

I spent the first 27 years of my life in the UK. I know the NHS well and I still stand by my statement, as does the WHO


JollyHateGiant t1_iuvq5ar wrote

Yes but I watch Fox news religiously and have never left the country. I think I'm a little more knowledgeable than you regarding UK healthcare. /s


EscapedAlcatraz t1_iutzvul wrote

Thanks Obama!


cryospam t1_iuu1k6o wrote

Actually, it was the Republitards who blocked the public option that would have actually controlled costs. Specifically Scott Brown.


you_give_me_coupon t1_iuz4pmw wrote

Well, yeah. He's the one who squandered his parties brief supermajority on a milquetoast rehash of a Heritage Foundation policy paper, giving us a policy to the right of the Republican counter-proposal from the 1990s. He's the one whose staff admitted years later that they never wanted a public option, and certainly not universal healthcare, and that the Obamacare insurance mandates - massive corporate welfare for the useless, parasitic insurance industry - were where they hoped to arrive at via negotiations all along.