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Jsr1 t1_iv16q2h wrote

Can we send the asshole back to where ever the flatlander came from?


thisoneisnotasbad t1_iv1assr wrote

Don't nail shit into trees please.

Unless those are just tacks then no problem.


applesweaters OP t1_iv1pj8t wrote

I didn’t do this, it’s someone’s private property. And I’m not sure if they are tacks or what


YPG-Got-Raqqa t1_iv29y02 wrote

Does it actually hurt the tree?


thisoneisnotasbad t1_iv2j0zz wrote

Does,driving a nail into a tree hurt it? Is that the question?

Yes, yes it does. Anything that penetrates the bark hurts. Is it a major injury? No, it will heal.

It is a “dick move”? yes, yes it is.


ties__shoes t1_iv3dzfy wrote

Does it make it more susceptible to infection or is tree infection not a thing?


thisoneisnotasbad t1_iv3jssd wrote

Yes, It does make the tree more susceptible. I’m not sure infection is the right word, I think disease is the right word, but not like human disease, tree disease.


YPG-Got-Raqqa t1_iv2zl7t wrote

Yeah I just can’t imagine how it would cause any damage beyond the hole.


thisoneisnotasbad t1_iv325vk wrote

You are correct. The only damage is the hole poked through the bark into the living Philemon and potentially cambium layers.

I mean if you stabbed somebody they will heal and it won’t cause damage beyond the hole (assume you miss organs) but again, it is still kind of a “dick move”.


Norse-Gael-Heathen t1_iv5hjxd wrote

You must love sugar season...


thisoneisnotasbad t1_iv5imgj wrote

That’s a stupid response.

Yes I do love sugaring season. In fact, for many years I tapped trees.

Having participated in that agricultural practice has enabled me to see tapping trees can be dangerous to the tree. It also enables me to see the very clear fucking difference between using a natural resource to produce a product and driving a nail (which probably won’t be removed) into a tree for lolz.


Most_Expert_8080 t1_iv20a4e wrote

Got downvoted to oblivion saying the same thing as you. People here are pretty weird.


taez555 t1_iv1m7fb wrote

Seems kinda dumb to me. It's not a smart move to deploy mallards during duck hunting season if you intend for them not to be shot.


Real-Pierre-Delecto2 t1_iv1w10f wrote

Humor seems to be rarely appreciated these days. I giggled at your stupid joke. Have an upvote.


taez555 t1_iv1wi7h wrote

Glad I could bring a giggle to your day. :-) Much appreciated.


Jerry_Williams69 t1_iv1a29b wrote

Does he fuck ducks or just eagles?


Loeden t1_iv2yr03 wrote

Why is nobody making Draco Malfoy signs with a voldemort face instead of an eagle?

(Obligatory not from Vermont, if you're in a state sub reddit starts showing you other state subs)


greenmtnfiddler t1_iv2zo9h wrote

Hey, don't look at me. I still think you could go around with a couple of sharpies, you only need black and pink to turn the beak into a pretty decent vulva. Cover the eyes with squiggles like pubic hair, and then the lines for the side of the eagle head become thigh creases. Seriously, go check.


[deleted] t1_iv3fnix wrote



Loeden t1_iv3nxz5 wrote

I feel ya from Wyoming, and all of our candidates are Malloys, haha


eazybeingcheezy t1_iv1xzpt wrote

Expected this to be a birds aren’t real thing, but not from what I can find


Enkmarl t1_iv6ie2w wrote

got yer mallards over 'ere. Fixing to get some work done but can't do nothin with all these MALLARDS


fjwjr t1_iv1mrld wrote



Threadbare70 t1_iv3ld11 wrote

There's a heavy smug alert in effect for the entire County Watch Area.


clutch12866 t1_iv1vd6g wrote

meh tinks itza jook. sometimes my 12 year old boy will say 'deploy canadian geese!!!' right around now heading to the outer banks in their bikinis and cizano parasols by the - bout 5 - 700 at a time, directly over our place. occasionally with a pasture break to regroup. hey, yah seen millie? urhh not since goose green n floatin bridge frank! yuck yuck ...


Ergotnometry t1_iv2fwbo wrote

Did this sound different in your head before you typed it?


Most_Expert_8080 t1_iv12n14 wrote

Defacing trees to own the conservatives...


Real-Pierre-Delecto2 t1_iv19evt wrote

Rent free for sure. This guy has really gotten some of reddits feathers riled up it's kinda entertaining but stupid at the same time. Gotta wonder though did the DNC fund this guy too? They preach about broken democracy but then fund idiots like Buldoc in NH who are on the edge of winning now. I spend lots of time in NH and while I hate Maggie this Buldoc guy is an anti weed prohibitionist. Great job dems hows the hole in your foot feel?


Jerry_Williams69 t1_iv1a069 wrote

LiVe FrEe oR DiE


Real-Pierre-Delecto2 t1_iv1ck6s wrote

Not sure what you mean by that but what's wrong with not wanting an anti weed guy in congress and being pissed that the DNC is funding the fucker? I drive over there everyday it would be nice to feel a bit more free from the police wouldn't you say??


Jerry_Williams69 t1_iv1cshu wrote

I didn't disagree with you 🤷


Real-Pierre-Delecto2 t1_iv1e2r7 wrote

Fair enough you got me with the capitalization stuff. Not internet lingo savvy enough I guess. Always thought it was supposed to be insulting or something to write like that.


Kixeliz t1_iv1cvac wrote

Well weed is illegal federally. I'm surprised you support such a thing since you follow every law to a T.


Real-Pierre-Delecto2 t1_iv1flmy wrote

Here is the douche again butting in. Again you are being a dumb assuming cunt I said no such thing and break laws daily. Difference is the times I have been caught with weed and arrested for it I didn't bitch about it. Ya it sucks the laws used to really suck in that regard but I knew them and faced the consequences. Same thing with following voting laws of the state you vote in. Don't follow them fine but its on you when you don't get what you want. In this case your vote counted properly. If it's that dang important just put the proper fucking date where it is supposed to go. Why on earth is that so darn hard?


Kixeliz t1_iv1g2gk wrote

Because you don't seem to understand the concept of people creating laws for the expressed purpose of making the lives of others worse. Like those old weed laws. You seem to grasp they used to be worse, but can't comprehend why they were changed? Do you believe every politician is working on laws with only the best of intentions? That it's not possible for a certain party to take control of the legislative body and put out laws that solely benefit that party? All of this is foreign to you?

Though I do enjoy your "live and let live" philosophy while calling others cunts.


Real-Pierre-Delecto2 t1_iv1rdsb wrote

You remind me of those internet sucks memes where one guy says I love steak and then that person gets yelled at saying he hates vegetarians or something. Just more dumb assumptions. I like water that means you hate beer! Clownworld


Kixeliz t1_iv1rhrq wrote

Are you still here? For someone who bitches a lot about this interaction you seem to be asking for more.