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Real-Pierre-Delecto2 t1_iv21usd wrote

I see your getting the upvotes but for what? This is a REAL not fake issue that has been covered by all sides of the media. We are at our lowest levels since 2008 with the highest level of demand since 07 that's a plain fact and comes right from the EIA. While it may be true that we wont run out shortages and availability issues are already happening especially in NE. Not sure how you can come here and say this is all rumors and bullshit these numbers are widely known and published. Our refining capacity is so low right now that if there was a major incident fire quake who knows what we then would have to rely on that 25 days of supply which is most likely smaller than it was a few days ago.


whaletacochamp t1_iv23ccw wrote

I literally asked a question. It is a fact that diesel is NOT running out, and that rumor mongers are spreading that rumor for their benefit. I don't use natural gas and do not keep up with the data behind it, so my post was a genuine question. But hey, thanks for assuming and claiming I'm doing something that I'm not.

Anyway, if we are not in danger of running out like you indicate then one of the links you shared and the link here are pretty clearly making a bit bigger of a deal out of it then seems to be necessary. They could just as easily share these facts without being all NEW ENGLAND WILL RUN OUT OF NG IN DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!

Just read the comments here and you will see that there is much more to this story than "new england doesnt have enough NG" - and its dubious whether this quoted shortage would actually affect us or not since most of our grid is not NG dependent.


Real-Pierre-Delecto2 t1_iv24lp8 wrote


Umm talk about fear mongering the article said no such thing AT ALL! How did you come up with we are running out in days from an article that clearly says we MIGHT not make it through the WINTER unless steps are taken quickly. There is a fucking war going on and we are sending almost all avail gas to Europe and then add in the jones act and yes shit is pretty dire right now. Again these are facts not conjecture.


whaletacochamp t1_iv29lkk wrote

BRUH, read this title in this link that YOU shared. IDK why the actual article title is now different.

I'm also just realizing most of what you shared is about Diesel which is NOT the same as NG. Diesel is more or less the same as heating oil. The shortage of Diesel is ENTIRELY fabricated. It doesn't work that way. Diesel and other petroleum products are more or less distilled from crude oil. So while there can be staffing/supply chain issues that affect our ability to distill diesel, it's not like diesel is disappearing from the planet. Natural gas is a bit different because of how it is acquired, and could have more supply issues because of that, but it is well documented that the fear mongering around diesel is just that - fear mongering.


Real-Pierre-Delecto2 t1_iv2d3tx wrote

> The shortage of Diesel is ENTIRELY fabricated

Ok you are right there is plenty to be had no worries. Reserves are fully stocked and more refineries are coming online now. Yay glad you cleared that up for me. Now maybe if you can talk with the EIA, Mansfield Oil and the others and tell them they are wrong and to stop spreading misinformation that would be great! I mean what the fuck does the federal Energy Information Agency do anyways? Bunch fools and liars right? Supply and demand be damned!! And wait a min here are you doubting a federal agency?? That's dangerous to our democracy!

Edit: You should give these guys a call as well I am sure they would be happy to hear the news.


whaletacochamp t1_iv2fw8m wrote

Oh and here's one from Mansfield Energy directly where they are not shouting from the rooftops about how we will be out of Diesel imminently:

But do please tell me more about this impending diesel outage. But before we do let me once again remind you that natural gas and diesel are two very different things.


Real-Pierre-Delecto2 t1_iv2hudr wrote

Da fuck you smoking? The Mansfield paper you linked says "That’s not to say there won’t occasionally be situations where there is a true physical lack of products. Some cities might run dry on diesel for a few days, at least at the terminal level" and some other shit but whatever. Did you even read it? And media matters seriously?


whaletacochamp t1_iv2lib0 wrote

And you shared a link from fox business of all places lol. I’ll take what media matters has to say over what tucker Carlson has to say


whaletacochamp t1_iv2il2l wrote

Ok and where does it say “the US has a definite nationwide shortage that will result in the whole country not having diesel” like everyone is claiming? They are explaining that while yes there may be some shortages any true run outs will be isolated and short lived. The entire paragraph before your cherry picked quote more or less says that on the micro level all we will see is price increases. That’s because the supply isn’t nearly as dire as even they are making it sound.

BUT, we still have not clarified whether you are here to discuss natural gas or diesel. Two very different stories.


whaletacochamp t1_iv2f4ns wrote

Dude you need to decide if you are talking about natural gas or diesel before you have any right to even thinking what you are saying here has a leg to stand on.


VWSpeedRacer t1_ivid6pq wrote

We produce while we consume and we haven't stopped producing. 25 days is basically the margin lr runway - it doesn't mean supply runs out in 25 days. It's just that a bunch of idiots learning this small fact for the first time recently without having any understanding of the big picture and now they're freaking out over nothing.