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AdventureSheepies t1_iy8r9l4 wrote

It’s short, but the west cliff trail on Putney Mountain takes you through a hemlock grove.


vtgusto OP t1_iy8re7o wrote

Thank you, I haven't done that one!


CXB1313 t1_iycz0w7 wrote

yup. used to live down there right up against the reserve. Please consider bringing a garbage bag. i used to fill the bed of my truck multiple times oer year with all the garbage people refuse to pack out.

Me and my sister once picked an entire pick up bed of cans q couple of years ago. we returned them and used the money to ransome some fishing worms and put them in our garden.


FyuckerFjord t1_iy9qq7f wrote

Anybody else call stick season "neighbor season?" Because now I see so many of their houses off in the distance through the sticks. Bleh.


Lundgren_pup t1_iy9rn2z wrote

Especially this year after all the pandemic homebuilding. There's a secluded dirt back road I like to ride in the summer and a couple years ago a long driveway was put in, leading from the road back into the woods. Pretty cool spot for a house. Well, with all the leaves gone now I can see the "one" driveway suddenly leads to like 6 new houses all next to each other. I hope the first buyer/builder knew what she/he was getting into.


JerryKook t1_iy8uubt wrote

Keep in mind it is still archery season. Muzzleloader December 3 - December 11, 2022. Dress accordingly.


EphraimJenkins t1_iy8wui1 wrote


Gotta watch out for those Green Mountain Boys.


immutable_truth t1_iy9f5h3 wrote

Where in Vermont? Around Burlington:

Red rocks and east woods are very coniferous, albeit small. For a longer hike IIRC Stevenson Brook Trail in Little River SP has a lot of hemlocks and it’s just beautiful regardless as you hike along a brook the entire way.

Saxon hill is pretty much all red pines.

If you’re closer to Middlebury area the Silver Lake area east of Lake Dunmore is pretty coniferous and a lake is beautiful anytime of year.

And of course anywhere you go in VT is piney if you hike high enough 😈


vtgusto OP t1_iy9wkkz wrote

I'm in central Vermont but glad to travel, these are great, thank you so much!


Human802 t1_iy92yng wrote

Fairlee town forest/ Bald top has a lot of nice hemlock and pine groves.


ABAtwood t1_iy8xyw9 wrote

I always enjoyed wandering around Little River State Park in the off season.


captainogbleedmore t1_iya1isg wrote

Not strenuous at all, but if you're looking for the green and good smells the trails around King Arthur Flour are nice.


BrendanTFirefly t1_iya50li wrote

Stowe Pinnacle to Hogback is nice in the winter


waineofark t1_iyaq020 wrote

I love this post!

I walked the Old Mill Trail in Jericho this weekend, behind the Snowflake Bentley Museum. Easy and lots of greens!


alfonseski t1_iyax04v wrote

One thing I love about skiing the northern vermont mountains is the pines. I recomend going up Molly Stark mt or one of the sugarbush mountains. The upper 1000 feet of vertical of beautiful pine and spruce trees. I love to ski Magic mountain, amazing terrain but one of the negatives is it does not really touch upon those forests because of its altitude(a little bit it does. Full respect to the terrain regardless) I have hiked the LT from Lincoln Gap to app gap and you def get a ton of those forests. But it is a major commitment. Check on those mountains for local hikes. On Molly Stark anything above the single chair midstation is amazing. On Sugarbush I recomend the upper castlerock area. For me riding up the single chair at Mad River Glen with a ton of snow and getting past the mid station it almost feels spiritual it is so beautiful. Weaving through those pines skiing takes it to another level but hiking I have no doubt you can find the same clarity.


vtgusto OP t1_iycv1pl wrote

I appreciate you all for these awesome suggestions, psyched to have all these locations to explore!


iwantttopettthekitty t1_iycxlkd wrote

Around the falls of lana at Dunmore has great hemlock stands! Fun place to explore and scramble around the rocks a little.


ChadFerg t1_iycylto wrote

Lyebrook wilderness is fun


BothCourage9285 t1_iyd9j0q wrote

Victory Bog. Mostly spruce, but way more potent smelling (in a good way) than Hemlock/Pine


meinblown t1_iy8x064 wrote

It's been a week...


Salty_Charlemagne t1_iy91b01 wrote

Not sure where you are, but near Burlington it has been stick season for a solid three weeks already. I feel this post a lot and wish I had good recommendations to add in!


captainogbleedmore t1_iy9d2c2 wrote

It's been over a month in Windham Co., but also only takes a couple days for seasonal depression to kick in.


meinblown t1_iy9o2uq wrote

I think that fact might be false, but I am not going to waste my time. Why live somewhere that is so depressing to you after just a few days of a season that lasts the majority of the year around here?


vtgusto OP t1_iy9wu6b wrote

In central Vermont most leaves are gone before the end of October. I'll be sure to let my depression know not to show up until you say it's been long enough.


meinblown t1_iyasfza wrote

I will reiterate. If "stick" season gets you depressed, why live here?


vtgusto OP t1_iyb3yvw wrote

I love it here. I have seasonal depression that comes in waves. Are you gatekeeping depression and the state of Vermont?