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GimmieJohnson t1_ixnhl5a wrote

Why not call it r/MapleMeetup

Or r/CreamiesNCreampies







ExpressionFamiliar98 t1_ixm27wc wrote

[post contains satire with a little truth] Good luck to you. Of course, I would disagree finding a partner is challenging in VT. You youngsters are so picky!!

My wife and me, for example. We were the only two single individuals of the same general age in our small office in a small VT town. We’ve been married more than 20 years, now.

See? Simple. Settling in Vermont has so many different meanings.


flambeaway t1_ixn8dam wrote

r/DateVermonter is pretty awkward.

Why not r/VTDating, r/VermontDating, r/DatingInVermont or any other less awkward subreddit name?

Also, probably best to avoid "Vermonter" given how contentious its definition can be.


Internal-Fudge8578 t1_ixp0a78 wrote

Agreed, “Date a Vermonter” sounds like a game show in an snl skit


Eagle_Arm t1_ixp4o46 wrote

Next up we have Kyle, he drives a WRX, blue of course, and he says the only education he needs is from the streets. Those streets of course are Class III dirt roads that he grew up on with 1.2 people per square mile.

When asked what he's looking for, he said, "Hard knowing not knowing."


Foopastu t1_ixq0zxn wrote

You could date Daryl or his other brothers named Daryl.


Prudent_Mobile_9721 OP t1_ixpvzn8 wrote

Yall got some points, but I can't change the name now 😅. If people are interested in it then I can make a new one and people can move over.


flambeaway t1_ixq9mpx wrote

I'm just thinking that you want it named whatever someone searching for it will type.

I'm not in the dating pool, and offer no guarantees that your sub will have any success regardless of name, but I figure a better name will give it its best fighting chance.


ggtffhhhjhg t1_ixqchf4 wrote

If you’re a single man it’s going to be tough dating in VT unless you’re young enough to date college students.


tossawayintheend t1_ixqghjb wrote

Or old enough to date single moms


ggtffhhhjhg t1_ixqgwrq wrote

Compared to other states single/ divorced moms aren’t common. Most woman in New England get pregnant when they’re married and we have the lowest divorce rates in the US. Once you’re over 30 VT is a BYOP state.


Internal-Fudge8578 t1_ixp23ny wrote

I’m curious what niche is this trying to fill? The void that Craigslist personals left behind? Didn’t they get rid of that for good reasons? It just seems like this isn’t as practical as something with a way to report harassment and inappropriate messages. As a woman I just don’t think I would feel as safe there as I would on an actual dating app. I’ll stick to meeting people the old fashioned way, on Tinder 😂.


Prudent_Mobile_9721 OP t1_ixpvru1 wrote

Dating apps are flooded with fake accounts it seems more so here than Jersey oddly. There are dating subreddits for other states & towns thought why not start one for VT. At the least it'll have some funny convos. Better then vermontgonewild.


Chess_Not_Checkers t1_ixpx74a wrote

Lil bro down so bad he made a whole subreddit to try and get a date


haikusbot t1_ixpx7mw wrote

Lil bro down so bad

He made a whole subreddit to

Try and get a date

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thisoneisnotasbad t1_ixq2rmi wrote

There is one post in there so far that has some interesting language in it.

>“woman willing to go on a date.”

Ouch, you gotta be in a rough way when your one criteria is willing.