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1eyedsniper t1_izd7yvm wrote

“UVM has identified the students responsible for the damage in two dormitories, Mason and Simpson. Those students will foot the bill for one-third of the repair costs — to the tune of $1,791 and $2,344, respectively — while UVM will absorb the rest.”

Ummm why would they not make the students foot the entire bill?


Twombls t1_izelbjl wrote

When I went to college they would kick kids out for less. They must be wealthy.


d-cent t1_izetol1 wrote

If there wealthy, they should foot more of the bill then


Twombls t1_izeux2a wrote

Well they should. But if the college comes down on them their parents might pull that sweet sweet full tuition from the school.


Intelligent-Hunt7557 t1_izdb0cg wrote

It’s not necessarily worded well, but it’s all the student residents who split the costs, so no proof each/any individual student did the damage. My guess is that they mean to encourage group responsibility. If you’re that teacher that says the entire class must serve detention for the actions of a few, maybe it pays to make it reduced…


justreadthearticle t1_ize40yz wrote

It seems like there were a bunch of different incidents. In certain incidents they found out who did it and only charged the students for 1/3 of the damages. In other incidents they didn't know who did it so they spread the charges out among the students. The question is, in the incidents where they know who did it, why didn't UVM charge them for the entire cost of the repairs.


Mr-Bovine_Joni t1_izedx6c wrote

The cost per student was about $4 in the case that it was spread around. I get that it’s annoying for everyone to share it, but probably not worth fighting too hard.


5teerPike t1_izewd59 wrote

It's the principle of footing the bill for someone else's damage


deadowl t1_izmqtbs wrote

When I was in college, I got a bill for well over $100 for shit I slept through and wasn't witness to. Following semester the other people named someone who had rich parents and had already left the university--didn't reverse the bill.


5teerPike t1_izew80d wrote

Or now you'll have innocent people resenting the administration for punishing them for something they didn't do.


youvegotnail t1_izgusfh wrote

When I was there they just spread the charges to every resident in the dorm. Including when a pipe burst and someone tried to clog it with a rag