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TabulaRasa000 t1_iznnouc wrote

Kind of a boring list since over 75% have the same answer.

I'd be curious to see what else made the Vermont list - I know it's an old movie but going to Vermont is the entire plot of White Christmas so I'd hope to see that on there.


zonitronic t1_iznyx60 wrote

I was surprised to find White Christmas was not the Vermont choice... seems like a no-brainer.


Cobdain t1_izo2609 wrote

Whoever down voted this is a fool. It’s an iconic film that takes place in Vermont


Cigarette_N_Bandaids t1_izo2yb8 wrote

I don’t disagree, but I found it unwatchable and certainly wouldn’t vote for it.


Cobdain t1_izo7iq2 wrote

That’s fair, but gremlins? That just embarrassing


I_producethis t1_izofro5 wrote

Gremlins is embarrassing? It's so much better than Christmas vacation.


Cobdain t1_izp6elp wrote

Agreed but Just because other states can’t do better doesn’t mean Vermont shouldn’t 🤣


Necessary_Cat_4801 t1_izzwfr2 wrote


Cobdain t1_j000iu8 wrote

Are you for real? James Bond was made in Hollywood… none of his movies take place in LA. I don’t think you’re understanding what it means by takes place :)


Necessary_Cat_4801 t1_j0wbuup wrote

Yeah, I totally don't know what that means. I'm sure you could fill me in :)

Also, I'm definitely not a smug, condescending douchebag. Not at all. Nope. Not me. Never ever. :)


3rdcoffeecup t1_izokp9d wrote

It must be beautiful this time of year in Vermont. All that snow.


Beardly_Smith t1_izpb8v1 wrote

We havn't really had snow in December in years(minus last year I guess)


alfonseski t1_izq4ph5 wrote

2 years ago we got 3 feet in places. That was one of the biggest storms I have seen where I am at.