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Pig_Pen_g2 t1_j1dp0ii wrote

A croissant in Vermont, a lovely rhyme!


Walnut2001 t1_j1dzlwx wrote

“ tHiS iSNt veRmOnt COnTenT”

Lmao I went through impressive heights comments and the man has devoted his days to limiting dog content on reddit. I’m starting to think a dog stole his mom from is dad or something 🤔 some hidden dog trauma that is getting pushed on us lol


Formal_Coyote_5004 t1_j1eo64n wrote

Same with the Sarah person. They think every dog looks “sad”. Even tells some people they think their dogs look like they’re dumpster dogs or abused. They also seem to think they know every fact about dogs while simultaneously hating dogs. People talking out of their ass. Also first dude (the guy you mentioned) thinks these dog posts are “bullying” and “harassment” HAHAHA bro they’re… pictures of dogs. So fucking salty. Still has time to comment on every single picture, when this person could just go on with their day without saying anything


DicmoVolant t1_j1exrdx wrote

You're harassing me with this completely optional content that I'm choosing to consume! How dare you!

It must be tiresome to make yourself feel so helpless all the time.

Welp, looks like they got banned.


Formal_Coyote_5004 t1_j1f03zg wrote

Yeah the last time I actually responded to the tall one (impressive heights) I was just like why are you still commenting? And then I read more and more of their comments and they’re claiming harassment and bullying when they’re the ones getting so upset. Very few people are commenting back at this point… they’re just downvotes. If you think downvotes on Reddit are harassment I’d hate to think what they’d do if they were actually harassed in real life


Formal_Coyote_5004 t1_j1f0fyo wrote

And for the record the Sarah person is actually worse. At least heights one is just bored and salty, but Sarah is going out of her way to call peoples dogs trash and being extra rude about it


whaletacochamp t1_j1f2i53 wrote

Dude that lady is fucked. She has spent hours responding maniacally to old comments of mine since I told her she needs help.

I know people like her IRL. Almost guarantee she has some degree of mental illness and is also a “dog person” but in reality uses dogs as an outlet for her own personal issues. Like assuming they are all dying and need better care and more love. There’s no helping and no reasoning. If you say anything remotely critical she will spend the day flaming you with absurdity.


Realistic_Law1226 t1_j1dqpyi wrote

My dog does the same thing, she found a peice of bread under ice the other day lol


mycophdstudent t1_j1e6y9e wrote

My lab has a favorite dog walking spot because the local kids hang out there and drop chicken nuggets and french fries.


No-Ganache7168 t1_j1f5ij9 wrote

Ha. I thought my dog was the only one. He digs through the cedar chips on the playground I take my kids to and eats candy and other edibles he sniffs out.


TheTr7nity t1_j1fzwnd wrote

Awesome find for the pup lol


-PineMarten t1_j1g40kl wrote

Only in Vermont would you find a randomass croissant buried in a snowbank. I hope birdie enjoyed their treat!


Electrical-Bed8577 t1_j1smkxw wrote

"Ehhh, merci! I have not enjoyed a croissant in lifetimes!"


theburg2 t1_j1ei1qd wrote

The dog train sounds amazing


ais72 t1_j1em88e wrote

Ahhh! Can we use this as a PSA for people to stop putting bread out for birds?! My dog is always grabbing them and I heard it’s bad for the birds too 🙃 And there’s a special place in hell for people who litter chicken bones out their car window!!!


-BigClitPhobia t1_j1epidb wrote

Ugly dog. His feet look like the apple fritters from Tim Hortons


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Personal_Change4294 t1_j1dyzvk wrote

You know, you could just stop and maybe this whole thing will blow over.

You've turned this place into a dog sub lol.


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Divio42 t1_j1efnm0 wrote

Your commitment to this is almost impressive.


Walnut2001 t1_j1el0ml wrote

I’m dying reading through all this stuff 😂 this has been my morning entertainment, thank you all


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Khanover7 t1_j1dpovs wrote

Your anger and hatred is poisoning you. You need some love and maybe a mental health evaluation. I’m sending you some help.


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Caymonki t1_j1druv4 wrote

You do seem a bit “i am victim” for someone who knowingly gave an unpopular opinion on a harmless cute dog post. You knew you would be met with a reaction yet you did it anyway. It wouldn’t be terrible to talk to a therapist about your need for negative attention, yes you have free speech but that doesn’t justify your attempt to make this about your dislike of dogs instead of a wet croissant. Which is what you’re acting like so do you I guess boo.


vtmountains t1_j1ehun6 wrote

Hey asshat what's your address I'll come by with my dogs.


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Caymonki t1_j1dsn1j wrote

I was impartial to the dog spam until I saw you crying. Now I am pro dog pictures.

Fuck off piss baby, you aren’t my supervisor.


woden_spoon t1_j1e4lm4 wrote

I've blocked u/Impressive-Height-22 and have reported them to the mods. I suggest that other users of this sub do the same instead of engaging them any further.

u/Impressive-Height-22 is displaying signs of borderline personality disorder, narcissistic personality disorder, and histrionic personality disorder. They really should seek a therapist. In fact, they should probably check themselves into the ER, because I get the sense that they are on the verge of a mental breakdown. They will probably say I am bullying them because I've said this, but I am being absolutely earnest about it. They are obviously under an unhealthy amount of psychological duress, and Reddit is terrible for the mental health of some individuals (let's face it: it isn't really any good for anyone), particularly those with BPAD and related psychological disorders.


Hisdudeness1997 t1_j1e7dg2 wrote

Or…. It’s just a kid trolling….


woden_spoon t1_j1e8id0 wrote

It could be, but if someone spends every waking moment during their Christmas vacation doing that, they still need help.


kambleton t1_j1e8z39 wrote

I understand the sentiment, I just don't agree with diagnosing somebody through their internet behaviour. We have no idea how much of this is genuine.


woden_spoon t1_j1ea3e3 wrote

Fair point, but if someone was threatening suicide, I'd tell them they should call a hotline, etc. regardless of whether I think they are being genuine.

If they actually are struggling with mental illness, they might need someone else to point out the absurdity of their behavior, because they probably won't recognize it on their own.


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kambleton t1_j1dz8vu wrote

Is this your last stand? You haven't been posting on new dog pics... I need to know for an article I am writing. This is captivating stuff. /s


[deleted] t1_j1e202m wrote



kambleton t1_j1e3989 wrote

I don't have a dog in this fight, but in some instances you've resorted to name calling and bullying, yourself. I'm sure you've heard the old adage of two wrongs, so I will spare you. I am not trying to deter you, like I said, this is great stuff. I just have a hard time taking your plight seriously while you answer what you say is aggression, with aggression. What say you?


[deleted] t1_j1e68oz wrote



kambleton t1_j1e7ch5 wrote

I consider myself an impartial observer and while I think a few people here and there have pushed it to the point in which you would have an argument for them maybe harassing you, you have a penchant for getting licks in too. It just doesn't help your case, is all I am trying to convey.

I have some confusion... If the simple act of posting a picture of a dog is passive aggressive enough for you to consider it bullying, why aren't you commenting on the cat/chicken/rabbit pictures that are being posted ostensibly for the same purpose. Trying to annoy you... shouldn't they also bother you? Why is it only dogs? Were you attached or maimed in someway by a dog in Vermont?

Again, I am asking for my own edification. But also, maybe you don't have to wage war on an entire sub and we can deescalate a little by trying to understand your actual problem... dogs. Regardless, I have enjoyed the discourse and reiterate I am only trying to understand.

PS. And furthermore, it is incredibly disingenuous for you to proclaim 'I am just calling out bullies' when in some instances, you've dished harder than you had ever taken it previously... Attacking many people for simply engaging in the meme.


[deleted] t1_j1e9mxk wrote



kambleton t1_j1ecwfp wrote

What is your favourite thing about Vermont? This entire time you have seemed to be upset that these dog pictures detract from the conversation meant to be taking place, but in other comments say the sub is already dead. What SHOULD people be talking about?

Can I play devils advocate and describe the scenario from their perspective? Being relatively new to the sub (I say that as somebody with NO involvement - I drove through Vermont twice - beautiful state!), other users didn't feel you should be dictating the rules to others. In fairness, you would find the same reaction in almost any sub if you went in and tried to enforce the rules outside of conventional means (mods).

You have seemingly started this crusade yourself as if you didn't post about it, the pictures would have stopped already. It is almost as if the real story is hidden in the middle... do you secretly mod for r/DogsOfVermont and is this an attempt at a coup of r/vermont through manipulation utilizing the Streisand effect? DO YOU LOVE DOGS? Jk.... I got sidetracked there.

This whole thing hinges on you... do you really intend to keep up the charade? Let's not get it twisted... it is as much of a charade as the dog pictures are. Certainly you must see the vicious cycle in what you have created here... on-purpose or otherwise, on its face, thats what it appears to be.


Walnut2001 t1_j1ekq3t wrote

But your obsessed with hating dogs on other subs too. It’s just weird


Caymonki t1_j1egfz4 wrote

If you are so open with your opinion, you shouldn’t be surprised to be met with such.

Why are you waiting for mods? Do you start shit and run to the adults often or just online?


Caymonki t1_j1eg3mn wrote

I have just as much time to call you a hypocrite.


Caymonki t1_j1eg0u0 wrote

It’s online defending. You’re bullying by provoking people online minding their own business. Reddit is far to populated to make a reasonable claim of such. Plenty of active subs that suite your fancy, that comments of clear disdain for the posting topic are clear indication of provocation. Especially in such an otherwise dead subreddit that is r/Vermont.

Revise yourself before you act offended for the pot which you stir.


slow-poke-rodriguez OP t1_j1dmzmm wrote

It took a lot of effort to dig that croissant outta the ice!


Khanover7 t1_j1dpttr wrote

This is a discussion about Vermont! Who is leaving perfectly good croissants out in the snow?! We need to address this.


slow-poke-rodriguez OP t1_j1dqa3s wrote

Must be a dog lover!


Khanover7 t1_j1dqi2g wrote

I’m gonna go bury some treats in Burlington right now for some dogs to find. Dogs are literally the best and should be rewarded just for existing.


roborob11 t1_j1e2iss wrote

“Dog spam” lol

You deserve to be upvoted