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Tidder802b t1_j0qiocv wrote

Every Bernese's dream, right? Apart from maybe sitting on some one's feet. :)


ILoveNature_ t1_j0rsa5g wrote

I read this as my Berner is currently sitting on my feet


Tidder802b t1_j0rtahv wrote

Bless him/her. I never met a Berner I didn’t like; our neighbor had one who’d untie your shoelaces without you noticing.


CanVast5274 t1_j0r4np3 wrote

Beautiful doggy, make sure to give extra treats!


[deleted] t1_j0qggs6 wrote



Tidder802b t1_j0qicot wrote

FWIW: I'm all in favor of Vermont dogs being posted here.


newnemo t1_j0qlo1b wrote

Me too. If the mods have a problem with it, they will chime in.

This is a 16 day old account who apparently has vast Reddit experience and understanding-not.


flambeaway t1_j0srxs3 wrote

Almost certainly a ban evader, which is a bannable offense.


[deleted] t1_j0qn763 wrote



newnemo t1_j0qo1dd wrote

This isn't my dog, I welcome any and all posts about VT dogs. If you have a problem with that, take it up with the moderators.


[deleted] t1_j0qokav wrote



newnemo t1_j0qozzn wrote

If that is your problem with this post, then take it up with the mods instead of making assumptions and littering an otherwise lovely thread.


Tidder802b t1_j0r2khg wrote

Why do you feel the need to gate-keep what's posted here?


[deleted] t1_j0qk9tw wrote



drew13m t1_j0r2ufq wrote

I dunno, posting this immediately following a snow storm that-WE WHO LIVE IN VERMONT-just experienced, seems pretty relevant. Why did you get so hot n bothered by a cold ass pic of this cute dog? Please go away troll


TillPsychological351 OP t1_j0r6tfd wrote

That was my intent. We've been waiting for our first big snow storm, and now that we have it, I wanted to show how one particular Vermonter was enjoying the arrival of winter.

Maybe I should have framed the shot with the mountains in the background.


CryptGuard t1_j0reuj2 wrote

I think there's more visible square foot of Vermont in this picture than square foot of dog, so TECHNICALLY this post is more VT related than dog related. :)


CHECK_FLOKI t1_j0r6xc4 wrote

Literally never seen anyone complain about dog pictures but here we are. Lol


casewood123 t1_j0r7fwn wrote

Jesus. Could have not clicked on the post, but here we are.


pahuili t1_j0roed1 wrote

Based on your comment history, you just flat out hate dogs. There are subreddits for that. Maybe you should join those.

You could also keep scrolling or just never use the internet ever if you’re that fragile.


FearandLoathinginBTV t1_j0rye22 wrote

Also it looks like they’ve commented more in two weeks than I have in two months. Safe to say they need to go outside and touch some grass.