Submitted by euro_trash_rescue t3_zxqs3q in vermont

Any time it rains, or snow melts, whatever, all road markings disappear. They dont show through at all. I dont know if this is vt only, but its @*$!ing annoying.

Well that and they paint the roads late Aug for them to be scrapped off a few months later.

If the road is dry, backroads dont paint the white side lines, so its pavement and dark brown dirt, even more fun at night!



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Unique-Public-8594 t1_j21sibk wrote

It’s bad. Approaching Hardwick from the west is one scary road on a dark, rainy night.

I wish they could install catseyes but the raised ones get torn up by plows and the recessed ones are time consuming and expensive to install plus they often lead to potholes.

Some reflective or glow-in-the-dark paint, motion-activated street lights… give us a chance out there. Something. Anything.


lantonas t1_j21sv42 wrote

They did a Pavement Marking Comparison Study in 2018 and from what I can tell they chose the loser.


lantonas t1_j21v0lv wrote

They repaved Route 18 in 2020 and they painted the passing lanes incorrectly. The state came through and painted over the incorrect lane markings. The new repainted lines quickly faded/washed off while the original marking are clearly visible 2 1/2 years later.

I figure that Pike was responsible for painting the original lines after they finished the job and they used a less shitty paint than the state does.


WhatTheCluck802 t1_j21wc1l wrote

I like to play a game called, “whose lane am I in, anyway?”

Adding on when your headlights are dirty from slush splatters, that makes for an even more exciting adventure.


Kink4202 t1_j21y9xk wrote

I have always wondered why they don't use florescent paint, or reflective paint. It would really save lives.


Jerry_Williams69 t1_j225zc1 wrote

You aren't crazy. I moved here from another state and have noticed the same. Vermont uses some crappy road paint.


HappilyhiketheHump t1_j227psg wrote

Welcome to the world of environmentally friendly paint. Safety be damned.


PsychologicalBite468 t1_j22adzf wrote

When I first moved here from New York it was quite jarring. There are limited markings on the road, and there are limited reflective markers guiding the road. My second favorite part of Vermont is everyone’s blatant lack of high beam courtesy, which totally adds to the fun of driving on limited marked roads.


sn0qualmie t1_j22irkh wrote

I really need some kind of signal light on my car that communicates "hey person behind me, your high beams are on/your insanely bright headlights are in my face and I can't see a damn thing right now, it would be to everyone's benefit if you either turned them down or went around me or both."


Willie_the_Wombat t1_j22vp1g wrote

I hope that’s not the real issue, because that would be recklessly irresponsible, but unfortunately I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised.

I have also noticed that road markings are markedly less visible, whatever policy caused this needs to be reversed immediately.


FyuckerFjord t1_j23mthl wrote

Coming from NC, and having driven all over the US, Vermont's lack of road markings threw me for a loop when I first moved here. Just plain awful. I didn't know it was because of the paint used - I thought Vermont just half-assed it because snow covers the road markings anyways.

Semi-broke myself of the habit of even looking for road markings and now I just look for the white road signs on the right side of the road that pop up 30 to 60 ft before lane markings would be helpful. Totally unnatural to look there because you're just guessing if there'll be lane shifts up ahead, but it's 100% more effective than trying to see faded road paint.


Vtroadboss t1_j23pb41 wrote

The problem is that when the paint is applied it is covered with glass beads which is very reflective when dry. When it is wet the water dulls the reflection.


levdeerfarengin t1_j23tg35 wrote

I have lived in Vermont for 36 years, and have driven thousands of miles on rainy, snowy dark nights. The lack of white lines on the right edge has forced me to slow down, sometimes to a crawl. Which do you prefer, death by going off the road, or death by being rammed from behind by someone who's driving too fast?

Half of an explanation is that many of the roads are managed by the towns, which skimp on the paint. Could you imagine if there were no state regulations for natural gas pipes? This is the state not regulating what the towns do with painting the road lines. But as asserted above, it's also the state not using better quality paint.

Thank you everyone from outside Vermont for providing perspective.


bdevine8 t1_j23uhu0 wrote

I thought I was just losing losing night vision capabilities at a rapid pace


bond___vagabond t1_j24bzzu wrote

I used to live on the Oregon Washington border, back when I was young and had absurdly good vision, I can't remember which one was worse but it was like a switch being flipped, with the road paint being less visible on one side of the border, pretty sure it was Oregon, so it's probably one of those deals where the paint is 3% less toxic and only 75% less visible.