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East-Letter3972 t1_j6ftvur wrote

I guess I’m the only one that leaves open bottles on the counter


Historical-Run-1511 t1_j6g9pq5 wrote

Oh no I'm horrified with myself reading these comments but we've never kept it around long enough for it to get moldy I guess? Dumb luck/gluttony saving the day again.


Faerhun t1_j6gengw wrote

It all depends on how fast you use it. It's fine if left out but the taste will change after long enough because mold does eventually grow in it. That being said the mold that does grow in it is nontoxic, it just makes it taste funky. So it's usually better to just refrigerate it.


East-Letter3972 t1_j6hrnh2 wrote

I kinda knew The whole skim the mold off the top technique. I remember from my grandfather doing it. I’m just surprised how everyone is reacting like it’s the equivalent of leaving raw meat out.


suzi-r t1_j6gq82v wrote

No you’re not. Same technique here, no problem. Just use it up. It’s a gift from the gods.


East-Letter3972 t1_j6hrq1f wrote

No problem here. Syrup and honey are our main sources of sugar. We go through syrup quit often.