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pils-nerd t1_j6fy8kv wrote

I keep a quart jar on my counter and It goes in my coffee each morning along with various other things. I use it up in about a month and its always fine. If you want peace of mind then you can keep it cold but I never have a problem. The good news is that maple syrup is inhospitable to most organisms and the only mold that is known to grow in maple syrup (Wallimia sp.) is non toxic. Worst case scenario, if you find a fuzzy little colony floating around in your syrup you can scoop it out and pretend you never saw it.

(Further reading compliments of the mycology department at Cornell)


sah10183428 t1_j6ge6ff wrote

I also keep mine on the counter and have no issues. We also use it in our coffee and similarly go though a quart every month.


Pctechguy2003 t1_j6h0b5e wrote

Im so tired right now I read your comment as “I also keep wine on the counter…. use it in our coffee…”. I was thinking to myself “hmm… I wonder what wine they are using to pair with their coffee?”

I need to get off reddit and get some sleep. 😴


firearrow5235 t1_j6gxk75 wrote

This should be the top comment. Fridge is fine, but so is counter, cupboard, what have you. If your syrup is going bad it's crap syrup and you should seek another supplier.


StellarValkyrie t1_j6ib3g0 wrote

Yeah I suppose if it's under boiled it could be a problem. Or some cheapskate cutting it with corn syrup or something else.


firearrow5235 t1_j6ic2tj wrote

Syrup, when sold in bulk, is sold by weight. It wouldn't surprise me in the slightest if the large sugarmakers are underboiling their syrup just a bit to retain some extra weight. Over a sizeable crop that would result in a much larger payout. Alternatively, and less conspiratorially, they could simply have so much sap to process that quality control falls by the wayside. Regardless, I've always vastly preferred the product of smaller sugarmakers who properly boil the shit out their syrup.

Source: I come from a family that's been sugaring for 4 generations.


doyougrok t1_j6i4fdr wrote

Agreed I haven't had a problem within a month. But, if you don't use it that fast I suggest refrigerating. I've gotten the mold and it's just gross, sure you can kill it with reboiling, but still some yuck factor for me.


toomuch1265 t1_j6kqjmi wrote

I never used it in my coffee but when I brine pork chops, I substitute brown sugar with maple syrup and it's fantastic.


pils-nerd t1_j6krp5h wrote

Using it in coffee seems like a bit of a luxury but I I love it. Even better in lattes. I usually make about 3 gallons a year and it's enough to supply all my gluttonous desires.