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syphax t1_j6gentb wrote

Are you looking for a fight?

I am married to a Canadian (Acadian New Brunswick) and have had lots of Canadian syrup in my day, and now get my VT syrup from Trade Winds Farm (among other sources), so I'm sort of a neutral.

Answer: I have yet to taste "bad" maple syrup. Darker is better (the old Grade B, now Grade A: Dark Color & Robust Flavor or something?), regardless of the source.


OmegaXesis t1_j6gey24 wrote

hahaha nooo I just never had vermont maple syrup before! I didn't know it was a thing until I saw this thread.. Thanks for the enlightenment! : )


syphax t1_j6gkyb1 wrote

Please then do a blind taste test with VT, NY, and Canadian syrup, and report back!


suzi-r t1_j6gqoo5 wrote

Wake up & smell the coffee, then get out yr lil jar of syrup & pour a small amt in. Your coffee will taste like a dream!