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StellarValkyrie t1_j6ib3g0 wrote

Yeah I suppose if it's under boiled it could be a problem. Or some cheapskate cutting it with corn syrup or something else.


firearrow5235 t1_j6ic2tj wrote

Syrup, when sold in bulk, is sold by weight. It wouldn't surprise me in the slightest if the large sugarmakers are underboiling their syrup just a bit to retain some extra weight. Over a sizeable crop that would result in a much larger payout. Alternatively, and less conspiratorially, they could simply have so much sap to process that quality control falls by the wayside. Regardless, I've always vastly preferred the product of smaller sugarmakers who properly boil the shit out their syrup.

Source: I come from a family that's been sugaring for 4 generations.