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verifiedboomer t1_j36mo0g wrote

My relative from Texas has told me that Vermont is overflowing with coastal elites, libtards, and socialists. Maybe that? Without knowing more about you and where you're coming from, it's hard to say.


Wright606 t1_j36njic wrote

If by overflowing you mean like 2% socialist instead of .2% then maybe.


suffragette_citizen t1_j36qn9k wrote

This is what I'm guessing -- I've met a fair few conservatives who think that Vermont is a modern day Sodom and Gomorrah.


That1FcknGuy OP t1_j36s42f wrote

I was thinking this was the most likely. We're in SD and that sounds exactly like the colorful local language that would be used, which is similarly why we want to move there.


microtoastt t1_j375755 wrote

They’re missing the fact that Vermont possesses a heady dose of libertarianism hence the lack of gun laws


TheTowerBard t1_j377pct wrote

VT is an amazing and wonderful place, but despite it's reputation as a liberal utopia, it is anything but. There is an extreme amount of racism, homophobia, and ignorance in general in this state. You will also find the same ineffectual politics you find everywhere. We get a lot right, but you will be left scratching your head quite a bit as well.

That all said, VT is also a place where more folks feel more comfortable speaking up against those things than in other places I've lived (I'm from VT but have lived all over the country including a number of major cities). I spend a lot of time in CT, MA, and NY and you see way more homes and businesses in VT flying pride flags or BLM flags than our neighbors these days.

VT gets away with maintaining it's reputation simply because there is a serious lack of diversity here. I can't find it now, but I read a great article in the last year or two that I thought was titled "Vermont Lies." If you can track that down it has some good outside perspective on VT society from a woman of color that moved here and had to leave. I believe that same article shared the story of an Asian woman who grew up here but chose to leave as an adult because she doesn't want her kids being exposed to the racism she experienced here. There is also a great little PBS doc called I'm From Here that looks at the issue of race through the lens of kids in VT.

Like I said, VT is a great place, but I recommend doing a lot of research and at least one visit to drive around the state a bit. Your experience of VT can be wildly different even from one small town to another. You kind of have to find a spot that jives with you and your family.


beaveristired t1_j393c1e wrote

I see BLM and Pride flags all over New England and NYC. (Well, I’m not in Maine or NH much, so idk about up there.) Tbh, the less diverse an area is, the more you see those flags IME. In NYC, i see them in gentrifying neighborhoods that are changing from white working class to middle/ upper class. In my urban, actually diverse city in CT, you see them, but not nearly like you do in say, rural / small town western Mass. I think the perception of more BLM or Pride flags can give one a false sense of security. I’m not trying to be a “flatliner” jerk, but OP says his wife is Hispanic, so I think it’s a point I’m willing to get downvoted for.


TheTowerBard t1_j39azom wrote

No no, you make a great and important point. Don’t tell anyone in this sub, but I actually split my time between VT and CT. I have an apartment in a smaller town near New Haven. I rarely, almost never see pride or BLM stuff down there. Pride more, but still not much. Then you hit a small rural town up here and it can seem like every other house has something on display. It is only comforting for me because I’m very aware of the reality underneath that welcoming veneer. I do also see far more Trump flags and stuff in VT. Hell, there’s one house along route 4 by Killington flying a confederate flag. Imagine being a Vermonter and flying that shit… believe me, I’m very aware what the message under the “real Vermonter” dog whistle discourse is about. I’m from there and they’ve been telling me I’m not a real Vermonter my entire life 🤷‍♂️ so, please know my prior message was not intended to suggest safety, but the presence of community within an often ignorant and hateful society.