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riggie33 t1_j3ctufu wrote


ReasonableLiving5958 t1_j3d0lhu wrote

20 an hour is basically worthless in Vermont, especially for single people. You clearly do not understand how dire things are in Vermont for the poor and even middle class.


DasWheever t1_j3eggeh wrote

20 an hour is pretty much worthless anywhere.


DasWheever t1_j3eg42m wrote

Yeah, Minimum wage should go back to $.25. That's what people get for not being born rich and adhering to prosperity gospel.

What the hell is wrong with you? Are you rich? Or a poor republican happy to lick your boss's boots for pennies? DO you not realize that the more money the working class has, the richer EVERYONE will be, including the richies? Do you remember the '50s?

Minimum wage was supposed to proved a dignified living, minimal, but dignified FOR ONE WORKING PERSON WITH A FAMILY; had it kept pace with COLA and inflation, it would be TWENTY-SEVEN DOLLARS AN HOUR, now. And the funny thing is, even THAT is marginal for a single-income household. Decent place to live, functional car, health care for a family? $27/hr doesn't cut it.

I was making more when I was 12 years old in 1973 when the minimum wage was $2.75, than I did at my last "good" job.

You. People. Are. Insane.


riggie33 t1_j3f35lf wrote

Keep believing your delusions but it ain’t ever happening. Feelings do not equal reality. I stared working in high school and worked my way up from minimum wage over a long long time. Not born with money and am not “rich” now. I lived in a lot of shitty apartments and drove beater cars for many years. I also understood that you gotta work your way up to a reasonable living….AND that I was not entitled to it just for being born.


soggy_donut t1_j3gh0us wrote

What’s the point of working a job for 40 hours a week if you can’t afford rent and food after it’s done?

Personally, I’d rather just go on welfare then be part of the working poor. Get more of my time back and still be poor.

I know you will hate this comment, but I don’t care about anybodys business if it won’t benefit me. Life is too short for that bullshit.

Also if anybody says “nobody wants to work” for why they are short staffed, if you raise pay, you will get people.

I have a great job now but if McDonald’s paid 150k. I’d quit my job tomorrow.


riggie33 t1_j3h0dmd wrote

There only so much “free” money to go around. Welfare isn’t forever.


soggy_donut t1_j3h4a84 wrote

Well there’s even less incentive to work if you are basically going to be in the same spot.

What’s the point of working 40 hours a week if you can’t even afford to exist?


riggie33 t1_j3h7ftj wrote

That’s the mindset of a welfare lifer. One that will never, ever get anywhere with that sort of attitude.


soggy_donut t1_j3h8ji0 wrote

It wouldn’t be if wages were high enough to entice the worker who would see it increases their quality of life.

Nobody wants to work and not even be able to survive.

If welfare offers me a better life then working for an amount I can’t even survive on. I’ll choose welfare every time.


bigtimesauce t1_j3cyv9b wrote

$24/hr is about where minimum wage should be, $15/hr was that number about 10-12 years ago


riggie33 t1_j3d1z5b wrote

So you think $50k/yr is a reasonable minimum wage? There’d be no business left in VT or most other states if that were the case.


DasWheever t1_j3egcbm wrote

If a company exists because it shafts its workers, CAPITALISM says it need to go out of business.


riggie33 t1_j3f3sok wrote

Businesses will just adapt and automate needing less workers. At some point there won’t be any jobs at all and a whole lot of unemployed people. $40k/yr is a whole lot more than zero. Markets will correct from the whole pandemic deal.


DasWheever t1_j3f7rac wrote

Yes, but without customers, or buyers, there will no businesses. The wealthy can only by so many rolls of toilet paper.


bigtimesauce t1_j3d2u8x wrote

Yeah, I do. Some businesses would fail, others, that don’t rely on suppressed wages, would not.