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bigtimesauce t1_j3cyv9b wrote

$24/hr is about where minimum wage should be, $15/hr was that number about 10-12 years ago


riggie33 t1_j3d1z5b wrote

So you think $50k/yr is a reasonable minimum wage? There’d be no business left in VT or most other states if that were the case.


DasWheever t1_j3egcbm wrote

If a company exists because it shafts its workers, CAPITALISM says it need to go out of business.


riggie33 t1_j3f3sok wrote

Businesses will just adapt and automate needing less workers. At some point there won’t be any jobs at all and a whole lot of unemployed people. $40k/yr is a whole lot more than zero. Markets will correct from the whole pandemic deal.


DasWheever t1_j3f7rac wrote

Yes, but without customers, or buyers, there will no businesses. The wealthy can only by so many rolls of toilet paper.


bigtimesauce t1_j3d2u8x wrote

Yeah, I do. Some businesses would fail, others, that don’t rely on suppressed wages, would not.