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Wesley__Willis t1_j6iqwo7 wrote

A pizza is Vermont Style when it’s literally the only option for takeout where you live and you’re genuinely grateful even if it kind of sucks


PM_ME_UR_BGP_PREFIX t1_j6jmfdb wrote

And it closes at 6


fergal-dude t1_j6jccg6 wrote

Best answer right here, no need to read further...


roberttheiii t1_j6n8ihj wrote

For sure Vermont style but also this should just be "Rural America Style"

I remember ordering pizza once in the middle of nowhere. We asked a local if there was a pizza place and he indicated that there was one 20 minutes away "if you like that kind of thing."

That kind of thing Fuck.


arg1918 t1_j6n8gt9 wrote

Shoutout to the PIZZA CHEF chain in the upper valley. Although the Quechee location has a killer beer list.


Optimized_Orangutan t1_j6inl0f wrote

Buzzy internet food speak. If anything "Vermont Style" would be a mediocre pie that you order because of a lack of better options.


Formal_Coyote_5004 t1_j6moy8q wrote

I’d say that “Vermont Style” is a catchy term and an excuse to make a pizza with apples and maple syrup and whatever meat they wanna use


GreenPL8 t1_j6mvwxb wrote

Maple syrup is expensive - why would you waste it on a pizza?


meinblown t1_j6jyb5z wrote

Costco pizza is better than any pizza I have ever had in VT.


Can-O-Butter t1_j6k7mtp wrote

Okay guy we’re not in Manhattan or Sicily but we have better fucking pizza than Costco, gimme a break


meinblown t1_j6kbv10 wrote

The fuck you do. Maple syrup does NOT belong on pizza.


Willie_the_Wombat t1_j6l62vw wrote

Agreed, so don’t order it on your pizza. Don’t play the victim, you are in control of what toppings are arranged on your pie.


meinblown t1_j6mrti9 wrote

That's not the real issue. Don't get lost in the sauce here. The real issue is Vermont pizza is so bad that Costco pizza blows it out of the water everytime.


Formal_Coyote_5004 t1_j6mp5v2 wrote

As a person who’s worked in the same pizza restaurant in vermont for almost 9 years, can confirm. You can literally create your own pizza and we don’t give a shit what you put on it, as long as it’s on the menu. We do not offer maple syrup as an option.


meinblown t1_j6mrw4r wrote

Yes, we all know pizza hut doesn't offer maple syrup.


Formal_Coyote_5004 t1_j6ms646 wrote

😂😂😂 bro I work at a family owned place in a ski town. We do more than just pizza too. I wouldn’t be at the same place for so long as a server if the money and staff and food weren’t good


meinblown t1_j6n9ind wrote

Sure, sure.


Formal_Coyote_5004 t1_j6pk0xg wrote

It’s so fuckin weird to me that you don’t believe me. I haven’t even seen any pizza huts in vermont haha. I know there’s a dominos in Newport but that’s all I got


Optimized_Orangutan t1_j6k1897 wrote

But why would you ever buy a Costco pizza? The hotdogs are RIGHT THERE!


amoebashephard t1_j6khavq wrote

Costco is one of the few places that doesn't throw corn on the bottom of their pizzas, so you know, I eat it because I won't die


TheTowerBard t1_j6ixecc wrote

"Vermont style" isn't a thing, and if it was, it wouldn't be a good thing. I think a lot of people think Greek style pizza is "VT style" but they are too silly (trying to be nice here...) to give credit where it's do. It may not be my favorite style, but many of us Vermonters owe a thanks to the Greek families that opened pizza spots here.

If they are instead talking about the bland, flavorless, way too much dough style many VT shops do, that's just sad. That's just crappy bland food folks, let's not pretend that's a good thing.

In closing, a drive down 91 for a day/evening out in New Haven is well worth it for the pizza alone.


[deleted] t1_j6jvmvr wrote



TheTowerBard t1_j6jwcb4 wrote

Ooh good call. We went to the Pizza Chef on route 4 in the Quechee area a few times. Totally forgot about it 🤣 but it’s also got a great mini-golf course out back which is a rarity around here. The kids loved it. Thanks for the reminder!


noelesque OP t1_j6k1rl4 wrote

The Windsor one has new ownership and have opened the bar side again, and have a ladies night now. It's solid "in-town" pizza.


philly1750 t1_j6jef9b wrote

There's Greeks in Vermont??

And you can always drive up to Montreal which has tons of good restaurants instead of driving down to shitty CT. I'm sure Montreal would be closer for most Vermonter's


TheTowerBard t1_j6jgtw5 wrote

Definitely depends what part of the state you’re in but yeah, Montreal rocks too. And while I agree with the majority of CT being a hellscape, New Haven is one of the few gems in the state. It also has pizza you literally can’t get anywhere else. I know you won’t believe me, but please hit Sally’s Apizza someday and thank me later.


philly1750 t1_j6jjdv9 wrote

Montreal actually sucks as a city and is very depressing but my point was more that it has some of the best restaurant's that I've been to.


Blueslide60 t1_j6jzzll wrote

Dude, if you’re really from Philly like me, you don’t get to talk shit about Montreal.


ARaoulVermonter t1_j6ioxxe wrote

I think the author wasn't so much proclaiming a grand category of "Vermont-style" pizza as just trying to describe that particular pizza made with local Vermont ingredients and a maple crust. Churning out words for content mills isn't easy.


noelesque OP t1_j6ipxp7 wrote

Agreed. It's not like anyone is claiming they have Vermont Style pizza or trying to make it happen, it's just food writers doing what food writers do. I grew up in Minneapolis and the one place that declared to have "Minneapolis Style" pizza was a neighborhood chain that was sub-par at best. Bring that cardboard trash to the National Pizza Convention* and you'd get laughed all the way out to the dumpster.

(*I have no idea of this exists but absolutely would pay to attend)


TheTowerBard t1_j6ixnex wrote

Oh thank goodness. I thought this meant pizza shops were trying to label themselves "VT style" which would be very unwise for business. That would be last place I try if there are other options.


numetalbeatsjazz t1_j6ipki5 wrote

Vermont style pizza is some farm to table overpriced garbage that is blander than potato salad without salt.


bugluvr65 t1_j6ir0yl wrote

vt style is apples and maple


30000LBS_Of_Bananas t1_j6j1ds4 wrote

Apples, maple and white cheddar, sometimes also included sausage or bacon or ham.


thunder-cricket t1_j6jmgcw wrote

that sounds delicious. but that would be a particular name to give a pizza with certain toppings, not a 'style' of pizza.


30000LBS_Of_Bananas t1_j6jsjij wrote

In some cases like New York or Chicago, style refers to crust type but for others like Vermont or Hawaiian, It can refer to topping combination or at least that’s how I’ve always seen it.


ReasonableLiving5958 t1_j6j9o2g wrote

I've lived in Vermont for my entire 34 years and have traveled all across the country and tried just about every famous pizza style ever.

There is no Vermont style. It's just standard ass pizza.


RecycledAir t1_j6iwxy3 wrote

I don't know if it's representative of all of Vermont pizza, but Stones Throw Pizza in Richmond is incredible. A bunch of their herbs and ingredients are grown in the garden right out in front of the restaurant, and many of their other ingredients are local. That sort of thing is what I would imagine would make something "Vermont Style".


contrary-contrarian t1_j6j05pi wrote

Not a thing. It's just pizza. Typically overpriced and mediocre


Effinehright t1_j6inrnw wrote

when I think of Vermont pizza I often think tolerable, and expensive. However I think Vespa in Essex Jct needs a spot on the list.


beazzy223 t1_j6io8tg wrote

No mention of Folinos? They make a slammin pie.


Rare_Message_7204 t1_j6iq0nx wrote

Vermont has some great pie spots but none are on this list.


Hipko75 t1_j6j9pb5 wrote

Parker pie is actually great and deserves a nod


Rare_Message_7204 t1_j6jbqgd wrote

To each their own I guess. I personally wouldn't go out of my way for it.


agutema t1_j6jtu0q wrote

Fun fact: the original Michelin star categories were as follows:

  • One star: A very good restaurant in its category, worth a stop if you’re in the area.
  • Two stars: Excellent cooking, worth a detour.
  • Three stars: Exceptional cuisine, worth a special journey.

In that same vein, my friends and I have adopted the “being a little bitchelin star” rating system to employ when one of us is hangry.


gmoney677 t1_j6n6eqw wrote

Pizza is Vermont style when it’s 90% dough, has bottled Prego sauce, and tastes like disappointment.


1DollarOr1Million t1_j6j5jjo wrote

I’ve never even heard that term before and no it doesn’t exist. The pizza in VT is just average at best overpriced pizza.


Formal_Coyote_5004 t1_j6j9kzd wrote

I work at a pizzeria but we’re New York style… I’ve never heard of Vermont style in my many years of working in restaurants in VT


hunny_bun_24 t1_j6jai5m wrote

There is nothing Vermont about pizza lol. Most pizza places out here make subpar food that people are stuck with. Pizza on main in Morrisville is an example. So bad. The rest of their menu is decent tho.


skonevt t1_j6jtgc9 wrote

Vermont Style = floating in the center of a kiddie pool full of maple syrup.


GrilledSpamSteaks t1_j6jtlke wrote

As soon as something becomes “X style” what ever it may have been turns to crap. Go have some wings in Buffalo if you don’t believe me.

Pizza that truly represents Vermont would include overpriced organic vegetables(whose names are pronounced by dropping letters) picked by hippies, maple syrup, apples, venison and goat cheese. Additionally, the pie would be shaped like Champ and served on a parka.


halfbakedblake t1_j6l666d wrote

Locally sourced cardigan here, but I like the parka variation. We must be in different parts of the state.


Galadrond t1_j6kfcr5 wrote

Most Vermonters have no idea what good food is. Especially Pizza.


obiwanjabroni420 t1_j6jtf6n wrote

In Woodstock the options are Pizza Chef (meh at best), Ramuntos in Bridgewater (10 minutes away, pretty solid), or go 20 minutes to West Leb for Ziggy’s or Lui Lui (both are good, just 2 different styles).

If you’re at Killington, the pizza station in the new lodge is really good. They make personal sizes to order in the big brick oven that you get to watch bake in just a few minutes. Sure it’s pricey (~$20 for a personal size), but with employee discount it’s not bad.


thisoneisnotasbad t1_j6k61dp wrote

Ppie is good pizza but it is not VT style at all. It is Carlos recepie from NY.


Greenlettertam t1_j6jr46k wrote

Most VT pizza is NYC imitations with extra salt. Woodbelly is amazing if you live in Montpelier. Positive Pie is good, but you have to have lower blood pressure to tolerate it. I steer way clear of Dominos unless I am too stoned to tell the difference.


DarkLamont t1_j6k0si8 wrote

Dunno, nobody ever dares to actually go there, and if you're there you probably can't afford to escape, or internet for that matter.


JavyLopez t1_j6k7s29 wrote

Vermont style pizza is just like regular pizza except you remove the sauce, cheese, and toppings. Then when you’re making the dough don’t add any yeast but add some sugar, baking powder, and enough milk so it’s more of a batter. Cook it in a frying pan and top with maple syrup. Much like regular pizza, Vermont pizza is especially great in the morning and can be served with eggs and bacon.


BURNING-VAN-BANNED t1_j6keb6o wrote


I’m serious please I need good pie


bigtimesauce t1_j6mmdb8 wrote

Stones throw makes a good pie, and I like ramuntos as well for a quick slice and a beer.


Sea-Election-9168 t1_j6ob8fe wrote

Marco’s in South Burlington, across the parking lot from Price Chopper right there on Williston Road. Thin crust with full-fat mozzarella. Bacon and red onion. Sauce on the side. Fuck the haters.


reidfleming2k20 t1_j6ole30 wrote

IMHO it would only be a "thing" if people outside of Vermont knew what it was. So, no. Same with "creemees."


Ok-Title-270 t1_j6iry7i wrote

People complaining VT pizza is too expensive are the same ones who think restaurant workers should be paid $30 an hour+benefits. Which one is it?


Emotional-Mulberry82 t1_j6j5wej wrote

A lot of us are the ones making the $30 pizzas at restaurants and not receiving the living wage needed to buy our own pie. So yeah, i guess it’s sometimes the same group. My boss makes lots of money not having a clue, and would prefer to sell you pizza made with frozen dough and still charge 30 if it weren’t for the workers insisting on some quality to maintain the dignity of their labor. That’s my personal experience.


Ok-Title-270 t1_j6jejtl wrote

>My boss makes lots of money not having a clue,

Restaurants fail at higher rates than almost any other business. Margins are small and lots of competition. I therefore highly doubt this assertion


thunder-cricket t1_j6jo4r1 wrote

So you think because restaurants often fail, the guy you're responding to is probably lying about the boss of the restaurant he works at making a lot of money and not having a clue?


Ok-Title-270 t1_j6jozet wrote



thunder-cricket t1_j6jpkbm wrote

you're not one for logic then.


Ok-Title-270 t1_j6jryp8 wrote

If you're bad at running a restaurant you will lose money and go out of business, not make lots of money. Tell me the flaw in logic here


thunder-cricket t1_j6junxl wrote

There are many flaws in your logic, but the germaine one here is you can run a restaurant that rips off its customers, employees and/or does other shady practices. Your restaurant might have good profit margins, and you can still be clueless about what it takes to run a good restaurant.


Ok-Title-270 t1_j6jzcdx wrote

That would not work, especially in the current day with availability of online reviews and the shortage of available labor. If you rip off customers they will leave poor reviews, leading to decreased business. Rip off employees and they will leave for a better situation.

>Your restaurant might have good profit margins, and you can still be clueless about what it takes to run a good restaurant

That's just a terribly stupid assertion. The margins are notoriously low in the restaurant industry so if you don't have a solid understanding of how to operate one you won't have high profit margins outside of very specific conditions such as captive audiences(pizza places in Vermont don't qualify). So if you care to fill me in on the non-germaine reasons I'm wrong let me know, but so far none of what you've said makes any sense


thunder-cricket t1_j6ngwcw wrote

So you think scummy people can't make it in today's restaurant business. That's cute. I think I'll pass on continuing with the many other reasons you're wrong. But thanks for the conversation.


RecycledAir t1_j6iwn5g wrote

What makes you say they are the same folks?


Ok-Title-270 t1_j6iwwmw wrote

Chronic complainers and that's the general sentiment on this sub


thunder-cricket t1_j6jleo3 wrote

So you're saying either food is affordable, or people who work in the food industry can't be paid a living wage. We can't have both. Meanwhile, the wealthiest 1 percent of Americans own 36 percent of the nation's wealth, and the wealthiest 10% own 75 percent of it.


Ok-Title-270 t1_j6jm3q8 wrote

>Meanwhile, the wealthiest 1 percent of Americans own 36 percent of the nation's wealth, and the wealthiest 10% own 75 percent of it.

A lot of them own small town pizza joints in Vermont?


thunder-cricket t1_j6jnf5c wrote

No. I'm saying the problem of soaring food prices and underpaid workers in the food industry isn't specific to Vermont pizza joints. I'm also saying, therefore, your point that we can either can have overpriced food or underpaid workers - whether in reference to pizza joints in Vermont or anywhere else - is a shitty one that obfuscates the real problem with the economy.


Ok-Title-270 t1_j6joy39 wrote

I didn't know we were having macroeconomics discussion about the fundamentals of our economy, which suck in many ways. My comment was about cause and effect in the current system


thunder-cricket t1_j6jphwg wrote

You said we have to choose between overpaid food or underpaid workers. That's bullshit. Find a better choice.


Ok-Title-270 t1_j6jrst1 wrote

Current reality that is the choice. That's true and I stand by the point which I can make without coming up with a new economic model for the USA


big_ol_sandwich t1_j6jwb2f wrote

If I had to declare a pie Vermont style it would be, wood fired, thin crust, light sauce, mozz cheddar blend, fennel heavy sausage crumbles, light mushrooms, hot honey drizzle after oven...


Loudergood t1_j6k789s wrote

You had me until the honey drizzle. In VT that has to be maple.


noelesque OP t1_j6k19zf wrote

I will always support fennel heavy sausage and hot honey. I'd swap the mushrooms for pickled baby sweet peppers.